DatModz - GR105+ WW Barb Speed Farm Build

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  • Rend Bloodbath
  • Whirlwind Blood Funnel
  • Sprint Marathon
  • Battle Rage Swords to Ploughshares
  • Ignore Pain Iron Hide
  • Wrath of the Berserker Insanity
  • Rampage
  • Brawler
  • Ruthless
  • Berserker Rage


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Taeguk
    • Bane of the Powerful

Kanai's Cube

  • Ambo's Pride
  • Lamentation
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

Paragon Priorities


Primary Stat
Movement Speed
Maximum Resource


Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find

Build Guide

Hello, DatModz here! Introducing the Season 19 GR105+ Rend Barbarian Speed Farm Build.

Basic Overview

  • Maintain your Ignore Pain and Wrath of the Berserker for your survivability. Use Sprint to maintain your movement speed.
  • Amazing for Solo Speed Farming Experience or Augments.
  • You can run Nerves of Steel in place of Berserker Rage if you are dying too often.
  • You get the Wrath of the Wastes set for free from your Haedrigs Gift so it will be one of the best Season Starters!

Stat Priorities

  • Helmet- Socket, Strength Critical Hit Chance, Vitality Secondary Stats: Secondary Resist
  • Shoulders- Strength, Cooldown Reduction, All Resistance, Rend Damage Secondary Stats: Health Globe Bonus & Pick-up Radius
  • Amulet- Socket, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, % Physical Damage to Skills or Strength Secondary Stats:Secondary Resist
  • Chest- Socket X 3, Strength, Vitality or Reduced Damage from Elites, Rend Damage Secondary Stats:Secondary Resist & Reduction from Ranged/Melee Attacks
  • Belt- Strength, Vitality, All Resistance, Life % Secondary Stats: Pickup Radius
  • Legs- Socket x2, Strength, Vitality, All Resist Secondary Stats: Pickup Radius
  • Bracers- Critical Hit Chance, Strength, % Physical Skills Increase, Vitality Secondary Stats: Secondary Resist
  • Boots- Strength, Vitality, All Resist, Movement Speed Secondary Stats: Pickup Radius & Health Globe Bonus
  • Gloves- Strength, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Cooldown Reduction Secondary Stats: Pickup Radius
  • Ring 1- Socket, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Cooldown Reduction Secondary Stats: Stacking Resist
  • Ring 2- Socket, Cooldown Reduction, Critical Strike Chance, Attack Speed Secondary Stats: Stacking Resist
  • Weapons- Socket, Strength Cooldown Reduction, Vitality Secondary Stats: Life after Kill

Alternative Gems/Skills/Items

  • WhirlWind: Wind Shear (Skill) - If you are having fury problems swap to this, but it might affect your survivability.
  • Nerves of Steel (Passives) - Good Passive for your Hellfire Amulet if you prefer that route.
  • Bane of the Stricken- If you are having slow boss kills use this.
  • War Cry: Veterans Warning: Replace Sprint if you want to do higher level Greater Rifts.

Templar Setup

  • Weapon - Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker or Azurewrath
  • Relic - Enchanting Favor
  • Rings - Ring 1: Wyrdward & Ring 2: Oculus Ring
  • Amulet - The Ess of Johan
  • Shield - Freeze of Deflection


  • Helmet: Flawless Royal Diamond (12.5 CDR)
  • Armor: Flawless Royal Diamond

Ideal Stats

    • Health: 600K+
    • Armor: 20K+
    • Resist All: 800+
    • Critical Hit Chance: 50%+
    • Critical Hit Damage: 475%+
    • Cooldown Reduction: 55%+

Torment 16 Speed Farm Build: https://www.diablofans.com/builds/105698-datmodz-t16-whirlwind-speed-farm-build

Happy Farming in Season 19! If you have any questions, leave a comment below or you can catch me live @ twitch.tv/datmodz.