DH Knife Trap Speed Version

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  • Explosive Arrow
  • Daring Swing
  • Knife Trap
  • Multishot
  • Vengeance


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Blood-Soaked Jade
    • Echoing Shade
    • Ca'arsen's Invigoration
    • Power & Command
    • Fervent Fang
    • Seled's Weakening

Build Guide

Not finished, still studying the possibilities.


  • Great for push and lure monsters when you are strong enough;
  • Great AOE damage;
  • Decent mobility, it's ok to go PVP with this build;


  • Lakes of crowd control;
  • Lakes of damage agaist resistent monsters on high difficulties.
  • Risky gameplay style, may not work with Low IQ;


The idea for this build it's play around your "Explosive Arrow" and "Knife Trap" as main sources of damage. We'll be taking "Veangence" as secundary source of damage and and "Multishot" for build up density and lure enemies into the traps with the "Breath of Winter" slow effect (can be replaced by "Spinning Chakram" if you want more damage (buts it's way more risky and dificult to play with). "Daring Swing" is our tool to advance like a freak and re-positioning, who cares.


  1. "Blood Soaked Jade", best damage gem in the game;
  2. "Echoing Shade", it's a good source of damage and the clones can lure enemys (i'm guessing clones copy your attack speed attribute);
  3. "Ca'arsen's Invigoration", attack speed and primary attack damage, it's simply is a must have;
  4. "Power and Command", since you will alternate a lot;
  5. "Fervant Fang", for stacking up damage, especially against bosses and elites;
  6. "Seled's Weakening", to pump more your damage;

The alternatives for 5 and 6 are: "Seeping Bile" for damage against high density of enemies and slow; "Pheonix Ashes" for more survivability; "The Hunger" for mobility and survivability; "Battleguard" for more reduced damage and survivability;

PVP recommendations: Change your "Multishot" to "Escape" or "Smoke Screen"(with "Emberist"), your head piece to "Cowl of Absolute punishment", and your leg piece to "Inescapable Raptor".