Challenge Rift Monk

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  • Fists of Thunder
  • Flying Kick
  • Exploding Palm
  • Seven-Sided Strike
  • Mystic Allies


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Chained Death
    • Fervent Fang
    • Pain of Subjugation
    • The Hunger
    • Zwenson's Haunting
    • Seeping Bile

All items marked adequate are for an ALTERNATE build / playstyle. I.E. you can use Spokes of the Wheel + Issatar for an insane damage boost if you find yourself lacking.

Set items come from the following places - Source : https://immortal.maxroll.gg/resources/set-items

The Subjugator
Destruction's End (Hell II+)

The Turnkey

Ring 1
Tomb of Fahir (Hell IV+)

The Prisoner
Ring 2
Forgotten Tower (Hell IV+)

The Mailed Fist
Kikuras Rapids (Hell II+)

The Gaoler
Temple of Namari (Hell I+)

The Tyrant
Cavern of Echoes (Hell I+)

Issatar At Rest
Mad King's Breach (Hell II+)

Issatar Undone
Ring 1
Cavern of Echoes (Hell IV+)

Issatar Enraged
Ring 2
Pit of Anguish (Hell IV+)

Issatar's Open Hand
Forgotten Tower (Hell II+)

Issatar Contained
Tomb of Fahir (Hell I+)

Issatar The Brute
Destruction's End (Hell I+)

Build Guide

Mind you - Most of this is theory crafting, I myself have not hit the para requirement to do the hell levels to get ALL the set pieces. However, I do have the mental capacity to put 2 and 2 together and figure out what will work together when it comes to legendaries and gems.

The playstyle will be quite akin to the normal SSS build, MINUS THE USE OF CYCLONE. You will be doing something called circling.

Circling - Quite monotonous, run through mobs - get a group together, run around in a circle so they're mostly packed together.

Rotation goes as followed - Explosive Palm > Mystic Allies > SSS > Explosive Palm > Flying Kick x 3 to finish off low health mobs > Circle > Repeat

This is a pack hunting build and you can replace Zwenson's with something else, it just works REALLY well with group killing builds like SSS, as it procs rather often. I'd recommend Echoing Shade, as it's really fun on an AOE based monk and really helps on boss fights when solo