Holy Fire

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  • Punish
  • Draw and Quarter
  • Holy Banner
  • Conjuration of Light
  • Spinning Shield


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Everlasting Torment
    • Chained Death
    • Bottled Hope
    • Bottled Hope
    • No Gem Selected
    • No Gem Selected

Bottled Hope is a nice to have 5-star, but none of the gems are absolutely necessary. (not sure why it shows up twice) Chained Death helps for group AoE and Everlasting Torment will proc on the crits, so they are nice to haves.

Build Guide

Conjuration of light is the main damage dealer in this build. Therefore, Justice without Favour is required.

Arrowkeeper is super helpful and nearly essential, but not necessarily *required* to run this build.

In helm you cannot run Sudden Vallation, as you need the crit bonus of holy banner.

In essence you and your group will be holding cooldowns for banner and burning enemies and bosses down. Drop banner in a safe place (or just on you if you have arrowkeeper), conjuration of light for massive AoE, and spinning shield on bosses and watch them melt. Remember that you will not be able to see the damage numbers from your party - only yourself - but it will be clear how fast the damage is being dealt.