MrNasty Basic solo Single Tgt +Aoe

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  • Punish
  • Draw and Quarter
  • Spinning Shield
  • Consecration
  • Holy Banner


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  • Legendary Gems

    • The Hunger
    • Berserker's Eye
    • No Gem Selected
    • No Gem Selected
    • No Gem Selected
    • No Gem Selected

This is your main Solo play build with a couple optional quick changes will do great in group content as well as far as Xp loops, Dungeon spams.

The Head option Arrowkeeper is obv for more group content tho can be very useful in solo at times as well. Weapon: Falling sword (Tumult) and replacing concentration w Falling sword brings a good sized placeable ring of AoE which also does well for single target especially when paired with the Crazy amount of damage Spinning shield (Sinkhole Cross). Sacred Fire (The Bristle) For AOE and some niche situations where you're trying to stay far from your target and still do dmg Some of the Path of Blood Lvls as example.

(A Note on Spinning shield. Sinkhole Cross should be your default pick here for any build and should be included in every build as it is the highest single target dmg skill you have and is almost as impressive in Aoe!)

For sets 6p Shal'Baas or, 4p Shal 2p Grace for dmg 2p Mountebank for shield

Points Used 0 / 150

Active Tree

For pve fill out vanquish skipping the last life node and judgement and then fill out any dmg nodes and their prerequisites in Treasure hunter and Gladiator. Then do the same For Armor penetration nodes, Then potency nodes, Life, Resistance, Armor. In that order.

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