PVE Skeletal Mage Build

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  • Soulfire
  • Dark Curse
  • Command Skeletons
  • Skeletal Mage
  • Command Golem


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Freedom and Devotion
    • Freedom and Devotion
    • Blood-Soaked Jade
    • Chip of Stoned Flesh
    • Zwenson's Haunting
    • Echoing Shade
    • Seeping Bile

Doesn't have the Off-Hand listed but I use Twin Vestige. The Skeletal Mages have a chance to be empowered, which means they can throw down bone spikes and give armor to you, your party and other minions. This build mainly focuses on the Mages, I've had up to 5 of them on the battlefield. I mainly use this for Dungeons, Raids, Rifts, and Open World Farming. It's not a speedy class but it gets the job done for sure.

If you do not have any ?/5 gems, I recommend Freedom and Devotion, it increases of your summons by up to 24% if you have MAX on Essence Transfer.

Build Guide

You want to use all of your summons on the enemy and then use Dark Curse on them, the Dark Curse sends them into a Frenzy. Using a six piece Shepherd Set it can cause Frenzy again for 12 seconds and occur every 40 seconds. Hope you like and try it out!