Tal Rasha's Pact

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Types: Arcane


  • Shock Pulse Power Affinity
  • Meteor Star Pact
  • Black Hole Event Horizon
  • Mirror Image Duplicates
  • Magic Weapon Conduit
  • Energy Armor Energy Tap
  • Blur
  • Astral Presence
  • Arcane Dynamo
  • Elemental Exposure


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Build Guide

Discussion thread here.

Accompanying video:

Build focuses on resource management and buffing for max Star Pact damage.

Three pieces of Tal Rasha are required in order to trigger an extra Star Pact Meteor. The proc'd Meteor should usually hit in the 100M range against general mobs for T6-geared wizards.

For those running The Grand Vizier, the Tal Rasha source will be sacrificed and thus the belt, chest and amulet must be Tal pieces in order to maintain Aughild's bonus with the helm and shoulders. If a Tal helm is used, then Strongarm will be sacrificed.

Gloves are an open slot and any with proc effects can fit there.

Gesture of Orpheus will be the main weapon. Otherwise, Thunderfury can be utilized for Elemental Exposure effects.