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Types: Cold, Poison


  • Haunt Resentful Spirits
  • Locust Swarm Pestilence
  • Grasp of the Dead Groping Eels
  • Piranhas Piranhado
  • Acid Cloud Kiss of Death
  • Gargantuan Big Stinker
  • Circle of Life
  • Fetish Sycophants
  • Zombie Handler
  • Creeping Death


More Details

Build Guide

Micromanagement is a build where you rest easy and let your minions do all the work for you. It's a very laid back and easily managed build where you only need do very little and your employees do your job. You already have your gargantuan to help you out, but if that's not enough; just set out a bit of plague (haunt and locust swarm), and you'll get some nice underlings quick.

In cases where you have a tough nut; you can pull out your nutcracker abilities, grasp of the dead and pirahnas are there to add that necessary extra damage.