Death Demon Crusader (DefunctForNow)

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  • Punish Rebirth
  • Blessed Shield Divine Aegis
  • Iron Skin Reflective Skin
  • Steed Charge Endurance
  • Laws of Hope Wings of Angels
  • Provoke Hit Me
  • Heavenly Strength
  • Iron Maiden
  • Vigilant
  • Indestructible


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Gem of Efficacious Toxin
    • Moratorium
    • Simplicity's Strength
As of 12-15-14

  • I started the idea for this build before Wildebeast was even announced, and quickly abandoned it, because with DB in it's current state, it's unviable, even at low torments (which you can clear easily with less gear requirments/other builds)
  • Also note; on PTR the gem was nerfed to a base 10,000 life per second because of the regen and shielding properties in its initial state. Even to be viable this build basically requires 500,000 Life Per Second AND for you to remain at super low health for extended periods of time which is...ridiculous. The gem in its pre-nerfed state would have offered somewhere between 85,000 - 93,000 Life per Second if fully upgraded assuming you can get the gem to lvl 35-42 (already a jump for the average player). Without any modifications to how Death's Bargain works (it only scales with Life per Second and %Physical, not mainstat or CHD/CHC) the build is basically broken. Well any build with Death's Bargain is basically broken unless there's some stealth modification coming on the PTR or in S2.
  • Feel free to checkout Meathead Mikhail's video explaining the mechanics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBcbPDWAwDY and why most theorycrafters have (and should have) abandoned the build idea.
  • The only way I'd reinstate this as an active build is with either a modification to DB (because Legendary tuning happens so frequently lol), a huge reversal of the nerf to the gem + buff (never happening), or with Rogar's being buffed to minimum 200% (~0% chance)

With the announcement of at least 2 new legendary gems with this year's blizzcon, 1 of which is vital to the build idea (death's bargain LPS aura), I've decided to jump the gun and put out the basic build idea before I tweak it and add better gear/etc, and stat values. The basic build has been sitting on one of my crusaders for a while, but with the gem I decided to see if I could reach the LPS breakpoint (minimum 500k+ LPS assuming 100% physical and a perfect Rogar's) where the build becomes viable.

Simplicity's Strength will likely be dropped for
  • Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard: Regenerates 50,000 Life per Second. Bonus: After not taking damage for 4 seconds, gain an absorb shield for 200% of your Life per Second. Numbers subject to change. Hopefully out in 2.1.2
  • To be honest I see the regen being nerfed somewhat, as this would effectively double the life per second the average player can reach when rerolling for LPS, and that's before Rogar's modification.

Explantion for Certain Items (rest should be self explanatory)

  1. Rogar's to help scale your damage up as you lose life, which plays into the whole trading life for death to kill demon's theme. Unity is better obviously at higher rift levels etc.
  2. Salvation is just a nice item for self heal and group viability (I mean at the moment the build needs to stay relatively stationary which is not at all encouraged in 2.1 D3 unless you're tank roleing, which this build could be fun for)
  3. Boots of Disregard are fun theme wise and don't lend to much in the way of avoiding damage (considering they're a defensive slot in almost all builds) Iceclimbers or Illusory can give you a little freedom, especially if you can spare running Laws of Valor - Critical for the AS/CHD (ie can drop the LPS from Laws of Hope), or you can substitute with Blackthorne's along with Chest/Belt to get SOG (shit on ground) immunity w/o sacrificing amulet. Ancestor's Grace is a placeholder for a well rolled Hellfire Amulet.
  4. *Homing Pads let you cheese the system of standing still a little bit, not ideal though for Shoulder slot*
Roll wise, you want mainstat everywhere maybe save amulet, where you want socket, %physical, chd, and LPS or LPK

You want thorns as a secondary roll as often as possible along with life after kill, and maybe pickup radius since you may not be using Illusory Boots and will need globes to compensate for turning a huge chunk of your Healing stat into damage.

Physical only buffs thorns when you have Iron Skin on, but you should note that Death's Bargain's damage is done as Physical. At lower difficulties you can probably swap Indestructible for Finery or hopefully you've rolled a nice Hellfire with either of those or Heavenly Strength.


  • Helm: diamond for cds
  • Chest/Pants: Mix of or completely diamond/rubies dep on your progress and rolls
  • Rings/Ammy: Efficacious to synergize with Pants affix, Moratorium/Esoteric Alteration (once it's released) to survive thorns hits/keep you alive since your regen takes more time, Simplicity is a gap-fill/Wreath works too or Pain Enhancer, but see above for new gems.
  • Weapon: A lot of testing left to do, but obviously Emerald at ideal rolls/items, possibly Amethyst if you don't have set completion or RoRG yet and are suffering trying to run the build half out of the box.
The ideal stat rolls are a bit wonky because many of the required items and suggested gear has set rolls/etc so be aware I'm just trying to get the general idea across,

  • Primary Rolls: Sockets (as req) > %Physical > STR > LPS (slightly >) VIT = AR/Armor > %Life (assuming you have X vitality and Y of Z stat and zzz use that big old brain)
  • Secondary Rolls: Thorns > Life After Kill > GoldRadius > Everything else
Again, WIP, [placeholder] exists because I want a build that incorporates Soulsmasher and Death's Bargain, along with LPS items, but of course tweaks may happen.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Life Regeneration
Resist All


Life on Hit
Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find
The goal is increasing stats that do damage while trying to keep your tankiness scaling well for the increasing difficulty in grifts etc.

Movement speed to cap, followed by main stat, then vit, as this build doesn't need lots of resource as you dont need to spam shield (hence no gyrfalcon's/etc)

Core: Movespeed to compensate for only boot rolls, then balance vit/mainstat as you need progress wise
Offense: CDR needs max asap, as well as attack speed, then CHC/CHD as needed, although once you reach 50-55+ CHC, CHD is usually more valuable considering you're nearing the perfection amount of possible CHC?
Defense: Life regen capped ASAP, unless you're gearing up, all resist is usually more valuable than %armor, and I prefer %armor to %life, if you've got the paragon you're going to max everything anyways
Utility: Assuming you don't socket for LoH, if your rolls aren't perfect, you will need to max this first, followed by area damage for a little boost, and then resource cost reduction to get another stack of buffed shield regen faster (note there is no buff stack icon for this skill), gold find is useless once you hit t6 unless a community buff is running? Regardless it's less valuable than the other categories unless you've got the paragon points.

Build Guide

"Go ahead and hit me."