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Name Type Class Effects
Springback ChainLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderSpinning Shield damage increased by 10%.
Feathermail CoatLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderJudgment damage increased by 10%.
Fortress HermeticLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderConsecration radius increased by 20%.
BesiegerLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderDraw and Quarter periodically calls down a bombardment for 109 damage to nearby enemies.
Hungerfire ChitonLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderShield Charge also unleashes a shock wave at its destination, dealing 161 damage to all nearby enemies.
Iron SuzerainLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderCondemn now continuously drags enemies toward you.
Justice Without FavorLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderConjuration of Light surrounds you and your allies with holy fire that continually damages all nearby enemies, but no longer prevents damage.
Squire's TrewsLegendary PantsCrusaderYou can now carry a passenger during Draw and Quarter.
Cavalier's CourtwearLegendary PantsCrusaderDraw and Quarter now damages enemies when you run over them and knocks them away, but it no longer drags enemies.
Bladed JambeauLegendary PantsCrusaderDraw and Quarter's mount becomes a fiery steed that Burns the ground and enemies, but no longer drags enemies.
Tactics and SecretsLegendary PantsCrusaderShield Glare damage increased by 10%.
Pillager's GreavesLegendary PantsCrusaderShield Charge damage increased, and Shield Charge can be charged up to further increase damage.
ShieldswatheLegendary PantsCrusaderShield Charge now charges to a location where it forms a shielded circle that enemies and their projectiles cannot cross.
Permanent ReproachLegendary PantsCrusaderCondemn radius increased by 20%.
Glower of the RecluseLegendary HelmCrusaderWhen an enemy is Blinded, Immobilized, or Stunned, your Sweep Attack deals 15% more damage.
Many-eyed AegisLegendary HelmCrusaderYour Consecration now moves with you.
Redeemer's MettleLegendary HelmCrusaderShield Glare radius increased by 20%.
Sudden VallationLegendary HelmCrusaderHoly Banner instead plants a holy beacon that continually damages enemies with holy light.
Retribution OrnamentLegendary HelmCrusaderHoly Banner is replaced with a holy statue that forces all nearby enemies to attack it.
ArrowkeeperLegendary HelmCrusaderThe inspiration from Holy Banner now moves with you.
Questor's MienLegendary HelmCrusaderShield Charge maximum charges increased by 1.
Cradle of PebblesLegendary ShouldersCrusaderJudgment instead summons a Guardian of Justice to fight for you.
Barbed CouncilLegendary ShouldersCrusaderJudgment now implodes after a short delay, drawing all nearby enemies to its center, but it no longer Slows movement or Stuns.
Faith AscendantLegendary ShouldersCrusaderDeal 10% increased damage for a few seconds after using either stage of Falling Sword.
Sivket's AdvantageLegendary ShouldersCrusaderDraw and Quarter duration increased by 30%.