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Name Type Class Effects
Parting GiftLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Armor now grants you and all nearby party members 5 charges of damage immunity, each of which prevents all damage from a single hit.
GallowsbornLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerGenerate corpses as you move during Wraith Form.
The Inviting TombLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Wall now creates a circular wall of bones that traps targets within it, but no longer has multiple charges.
Ever-grasping VestmentsLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Wall now summons a line of skeletal soldiers that charge forward in formation, damaging and knocking back enemies.
Exhumant's BackboneLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Wall instead summons a pillar of rotting corpses that knocks targets into the air, damaging them, and then Slows all nearby enemies.
Covet NothingLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Armor now also damages nearby enemies when activated and increases their damage taken for a short time, but no longer shields party members.
Flickering WarmthLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Armor instead summons three bone spikes that orbit you and damage any enemies they strike.
Proximal FearLegendary PantsNecromancerWraith Form now causes enemies you touch to flee in Fear and damages them.
Sacral ChaussesLegendary PantsNecromancerBone Wall duration increased by 30%.
Rozhin's KeeningLegendary PantsNecromancerCorpse Lance damage increased by 10%.
Graven BulwarkLegendary PantsNecromancerBone Armor duration increased by 30%.
Mournful DestroyerLegendary PantsNecromancerDark Curse now curses the ground in an area, causing enemies within it to take continual damage.
SoulchimeLegendary PantsNecromancerDark Curse now causes enemies to explode on death, but no longer decreases enemy vision.
Guided by MaggotsLegendary PantsNecromancerDark Curse no longer decreases enemy vision, instead causing your minions within the area to frenzy, increasing their attack and movement speeds.
MirrorictusLegendary HelmNecromancerYour skeletal champions are replaced with skeletal archers.
Coals For EyesLegendary HelmNecromancerCommand Skeletons now causes your skeletal champions to explode at their destination, damaging all nearby enemies.
Crown of the Gilded LeashLegendary HelmNecromancerCommand Skeletons now raises a single powerful skeletal captain that can be ordered to whirlwind at a location.
Hideous DawningLegendary HelmNecromancerBone Spikes now also causes enemies to bleed for additional damage, and no longer charges up. Increases Bone Spikes' maximum charges to 3.
No-mouth FaceLegendary HelmNecromancerBone Spikes no longer charges up and instead immediately summons three forward-moving spikes that knock enemies into the air. Increases Bone Spikes' maximum charges to 2.
SkullveilLegendary HelmNecromancerSkeletal Mage duration increased by 30%.
Visitant's SignLegendary HelmNecromancerCommand Golem duration increased by 30%.
RotspurLegendary ShouldersNecromancerCorpse Explosion no longer detonates corpses, causing them instead to release blight on the area that poisons enemies for continuous damage.
Lone PreserverLegendary ShouldersNecromancerCorpse Explosion now also inflicts a stacking Chill which can Freeze enemies when stacked.
Surge and StillnessLegendary ShouldersNecromancerCorpse Explosion now also causes corpses to pull themselves toward the nearest enemy before exploding.
Chasm-CrosserLegendary ShouldersNecromancerBone Spikes range increased by 20%.