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Name Type Class Effects
Shared ServiceLegendary ShouldersNecromancerBone Armor now reduces all continuous damage you take by 40%.
AbnegationLegendary ShouldersNecromancerBone Spikes now also knocks enemies away.
Studied MenaceLegendary HelmNecromancerCorpse Lance now causes enemies to decay, dealing 95 damage for 3 seconds.
Inseverable TwoLegendary HelmNecromancerYour golem from Command Golem now takes 20% of your incoming damage.
Hissing SkinLegendary PantsNecromancerGrim Scythe now increases all damage you deal by 2% for each enemy hit, up to 10%, for 3 seconds.
Empty PitLegendary PantsNecromancerDark Curse now summons a cursed eye that forces nearby monsters to attack it.
Cloak of QuillsLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Armor now causes your summons to continuously damage nearby enemies, but no longer protects them.
Ethereal BoundaryLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerActivating Wraith Form removes all effects which cause loss of control or decrease Movement Speed.
Arc of MiseryLegendary Main HandNecromancerBone Spirits now bounces whenever it hits a wall.
Thrash JawLegendary Main HandNecromancerGrim Scythe now hurls the scythe in a direction, striking enemies in its path with continuous damage and knocking them away. Grim Scythe can no longer have multiple charges.