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Name Type Class Effects
Endless TrialLegendary ShouldersMonkImprisoned Fist now continuously launches punches in a direction you can change while channeling. Using Imprisoned Fist will slowly consume its energy, which will recover while Imprisoned Fist is not in use.
ShimmerlinnLegendary ShouldersMonkWave of Light now releases a wave of energy that damages all enemies in its path and Burns them, but can no longer have multiple charges.
Numb RealizationLegendary HelmMonkExploding Palm Bleed effect now has a 30% chance to be detonated by other attacks.
Fusing CrownLegendary HelmMonkMystic Allies now protect you, taking 20% of your incoming damage.
Starving MosquitoLegendary PantsMonkFlying Dragon damage increased by 2% for each enemy hit, up to a maximum increase of 20%.
Tottering TowerLegendary PantsMonkFlying Kick now Stuns enemies and can be charged to unleash a more powerful blow.
Pacific PledgeLegendary Chest ArmorMonkTaking damage during Shield of Zen has a chance to trigger a counterattack dealing 114 damage to all nearby enemies.
Pugilist's PresenceLegendary Main HandMonkSeven-Sided Strike now attacks repeatedly in the same direction, knocking back the enemy each time.
Fleeting SoulLegendary Main HandMonkMystic Allies now summons one spirit ally that rushes in a direction, dealing damage to all enemies it passes through and forcing all nearby enemies to attack it.
Typhlot RobeLegendary Chest ArmorMonkCyclone Strike now produces a dust storm that impairs enemy vision and deals damage.