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Name Type Class Effects
Cuirass of the Death WatchLegendary Chest ArmorDemon HunterStrafe damage increased by 10%.
Helltrapper CageLegendary Chest ArmorDemon HunterKnife Trap damage increased by 10%.
Plate of Lethal IntentLegendary Chest ArmorDemon HunterKnife Trap arming time decreased by 85%.
Darkness's EmbraceLegendary Chest ArmorDemon HunterSmoke Screen now creates thicker, longer-lasting smoke that maintains concealment while you are in it. However, you will be briefly visible each time you attack.
Petahm's Secret ArsenalLegendary Chest ArmorDemon HunterKnockback Shot becomes empowered with Frost, leaving a frozen trail in its path that damages and Chills enemies.
Heart of VengeanceLegendary Chest ArmorDemon HunterVengeance cooldown decreased by 15%.
Inescapable RaptorLegendary PantsDemon HunterKnife Trap becomes Frost Trap, damaging and Chilling enemies when it explodes.
Master Alchemist's FauldsLegendary PantsDemon HunterSmoke Screen instead throws a gas bomb at a location, continually damaging all nearby enemies.
Assassin's HeritageLegendary PantsDemon HunterSmoke Screen instead throws an explosive grenade at a location. Increases Smoke Screen's maximum charges to 2.
Legguards of the Inevitable InfernoLegendary PantsDemon HunterKnife Trap becomes Immolation Trap, Burning the ground and all nearby enemies when detonated.
Jayn's Silent RetributionLegendary PantsDemon HunterYour Critical Hit Chance is increased by 50% for 1 seconds after Smoke Screen's concealment ends.
Slayer's BreechesLegendary PantsDemon HunterEnemies hit by Spinning Chakram will suffer 4% additional damage if hit again by Spinning Chakram within a short time, stacking up to 5 times.
Coff's Unrelenting FuryLegendary PantsDemon HunterDuring Vengeance, every 2 Primary attacks will cause you to launch 1 additional rockets that deal 116 damage to a nearby target.
Cowl of Absolute PunishmentLegendary HelmDemon HunterMultishot damage increased by 10%.
Daye's Frightful PersonaLegendary HelmDemon HunterKnockback Shot damage increased by 10%.
Frozen Guardian's SightLegendary HelmDemon HunterSentry becomes empowered with Frost, damaging and Chilling enemies.
Ysil's Contained DestructionLegendary HelmDemon HunterSentry now fires mortars that explode to damage all enemies in an area.
Vision of the LostLegendary HelmDemon HunterDuring Vengeance, each defeated enemy increases the remaining duration of Vengeance by 0.2 seconds, up to a maximum increase of 2.4 seconds.
Cowl of Focused HatredLegendary HelmDemon HunterMultishot fires 4 additional arrows.
Boundless IngenuityLegendary HelmDemon HunterMaximum charges on Daring Swing increased by 1.
HailfireLegendary ShouldersDemon HunterMultishot also launches 2 homing rockets, each dealing 93 damage.
Skystriker's PauldronsLegendary ShouldersDemon HunterRain of Vengeance instead summons a flying shadow beast that continually drops bombs in an area.
BladewingsLegendary ShouldersDemon HunterKnife Trap maximum number active increased by 1 and Knife Trap maximum charges increased by 1.
Hailstone ShouldersLegendary ShouldersDemon HunterRain of Vengeance becomes empowered with Frost, damaging and Chilling enemies.
Bombardment's TollLegendary ShouldersDemon HunterRain of Vengeance instead summons bomb-dropping shadow beasts that damage and Stun enemies.