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Name Type Class Effects
Heart of VengeanceLegendary Chest ArmorDemon HunterVengeance cooldown decreased by 15%.
Springback ChainLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderSpinning Shield damage increased by 10%.
Feathermail CoatLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderJudgment damage increased by 10%.
Fortress HermeticLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderConsecration radius increased by 20%.
BesiegerLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderDraw and Quarter periodically calls down a bombardment for 109 damage to nearby enemies.
Hungerfire ChitonLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderShield Charge also unleashes a shock wave at its destination, dealing 161 damage to all nearby enemies.
Iron SuzerainLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderCondemn now continuously drags enemies toward you.
Justice Without FavorLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderConjuration of Light surrounds you and your allies with holy fire that continually damages all nearby enemies, but no longer prevents damage.
Parting GiftLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Armor now grants you and all nearby party members 5 charges of damage immunity, each of which prevents all damage from a single hit.
GallowsbornLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerGenerate corpses as you move during Wraith Form.
The Inviting TombLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Wall now creates a circular wall of bones that traps targets within it, but no longer has multiple charges.
Ever-grasping VestmentsLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Wall now summons a line of skeletal soldiers that charge forward in formation, damaging and knocking back enemies.
Exhumant's BackboneLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Wall instead summons a pillar of rotting corpses that knocks targets into the air, damaging them, and then Slows all nearby enemies.
Covet NothingLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Armor now also damages nearby enemies when activated and increases their damage taken for a short time, but no longer shields party members.
Flickering WarmthLegendary Chest ArmorNecromancerBone Armor instead summons three bone spikes that orbit you and damage any enemies they strike.
Galebringer's LeggingsLegendary PantsWizardArcane Wind damage increased by 10%.
Chaos NexusLegendary PantsWizardDisintegrate channels up to 3 additional beams at nearby enemies, each continually dealing 50 damage.
Starcaller's BreechesLegendary PantsWizardMeteor now continually damages enemies an area, but no longer Stuns.
FrostwalkersLegendary PantsWizardMeteor now summons an icy meteor, dealing damage and covering the area with ice that deals additional damage and Chills enemies.
Riftdancer's StrideLegendary PantsWizardTeleport now targets a location where it also damages all nearby enemies.
Time-warped ClothLegendary PantsWizardTeleport can now be recast, transporting you back to your original location.
Kavil's Grand RevelationLegendary PantsWizardEnemies killed by Disintegrate will explode, dealing 74 damage to all nearby enemies.
SwiftwingLegendary PantsBarbarianSprint now also increases movement speed of nearby allies.
Kar's DefianceLegendary PantsBarbarianLeap also grants you a shield that absorbs 425 damage.
RockspikeLegendary PantsBarbarianGround Stomp now affects all nearby enemies.