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Name Type Class Effects
Arc of MiseryLegendary Main HandNecromancerBone Spirits now bounces whenever it hits a wall.
Thrash JawLegendary Main HandNecromancerGrim Scythe now hurls the scythe in a direction, striking enemies in its path with continuous damage and knocking them away. Grim Scythe can no longer have multiple charges.
DaybreakLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderConsecration now protects you and nearby party members, decreasing damage taken by 15%.
Hard CensureLegendary Chest ArmorCrusaderCondemn now calls down a thunderbolt from the heavens to a targeted location, dealing continuous damage.
Weathering EyeLegendary Off HandWizardArcane Wind now also applies a 30% reduction to Movement Speed for 4 seconds.
HalestoneLegendary Off HandWizardIce Armor now protects you with 6 charges of damage immunity that also Chills nearby enemies when they attack you.