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    posted a message on Diablo 4 releasing next year

    one word: unlikely

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    posted a message on Rumor: Diablo 4 Announcement Pulled From Blizzcon 2018

    it would have been slightly better than just diablo immortal, period, but it means the game may take 4-5years before not release, but even definitive shape.

    and we know well Soon tm.

    Players need much more than a soon.

    better d4 announce screen than nothing, but d3 is dead, and they're doing nothing to save it.

    for higher purposes? still abandonware.

    there is only poe for diablo players atm, and older fans won't forget, because diablo is more than fanboyism, is a different kind.

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    posted a message on The Future of Diablo

    they still may introduce D4 and leave the hype rise from...nothing, just a name and a pair of art sketches - been there done that.

    But more realistically, a D2 remaster, a D3 class and some stuff, and boh. another f2p mobile-crossplatform mp game.

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    posted a message on D3 ps4 - info request...

    hi! i quitted d3-ps4 some month ago...so I'm not aware of recent news.

    I wonder:

    1 - the game has cloud saves or is it still local? (prone to cheating and such...with season, should it be a remote save char?) 2- trade is still working? or all account bound like pc version?

    3- necro..is coming on ps4, right?

    ty for help.

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries

    Streamers gave up with D3 because nobody, except a few aficionados, care a f*ck about endless pl grinding.

    because it's not a game. It's a job. a boring job

    I'm ok with mowing mobs hours long, all-week long, for months. It was Diablo and it's what I wished for.

    But ppl used to grind mobs for gear. for gear to trade. for gold.

    Exp runs were ok, but capped at 99. Or just get bored before the top and stop at a decently high level.

    It's ok that we've got more build variety...well, it's also 2017, something better than D2 is required.

    Cap paragon levels or make it non-influent on main stats. Add more cosmetic rewards, tougher/grindy-er to acquire.

    more difficult achievs.

    more items revisiting useless ones.

    more core game mechanics.

    Introduce variety, if grind is required, at least introduce a choice: you player can choose towards what to grind, cosmetics, grifts cap, achievs.

    (and the usual advice: diablo is about items, unlock trade/reintroduce gah. Trading and market is a huge part in online games. Yes, will be gold vendors and black market...but will be also trading with guildies and friends.)

    Want to content purists? lock trade in seasonal mode.

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries

    there at blizzard must be totally gone crazy.

    It's the worst thing I could imagine as "improvements" or "new content".

    chances I'll come back to the game are going well below the zero.

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    posted a message on What are your most favorite aspects of a Diablo game?
    Quote from Shapookya»

    Most players do NOT

    - play efficiently

    - play many hours a day

    - grind for an extended time

    because most players "just play the game".

    That means, those players do not have everything after 30 hours. They have everything after maybe a hundred hours. And they put those hundred hours into the game over the course of many months.

    Keep in mind that the "Diablo 3 problem" is a problem for powergamer. If you're burned out after a few days in the new season, well, that's your problem, because most players don't reach that point where you rush to after weeks or months. It's a selfmade problem.

    Personally, I don't want that endless grind. Fuck that shit. I don't want to find crap after crap after crap just so that I can still find an upgrade after a year. I'd rather play this game for 20 hours and have the time of my life and move on to the next game, than grind like a zombie. And fuck trading. Grinding to hoard currency? It's supposed to be a game, not a job.

    I don't want all that grind you hate, like you. Still, it's an online arpg, and a bit is required.
    it doesn't imply all the boredom deriving from endless, brainless paragon stacking, though. The issue here, imho, is not "having anything". it's that there's nothing to do, even for casuals. it bores both hardcore grinders and someone looking for fun and exploration and lore..like me.
    I prefer currency farm...and hoping in rng/ item hunt/ trading/ build experimentation...than endless exping for main stat.
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    posted a message on The "new" content is not enough to get me to return.
    Quote from Karasu47»

    As a lore nerd I'm still waiting for the new zones to see if I can have something nice, but I'm not holding my breath. We won't get any really big major feature and a solution to the dangling plot threads.

    Hey, Blizz. I'll design the second D3 expansion for you. You don't even have to pay me for it. Just gimme a copy for free when it's done. You'll thank me later.

    I'm still waiting for a clever redesign of pl. 13 inferno stages, 90 grifts, endless paragons.
    It's not gonna work. It doesnt work now as online players show, and won't do any better in the future. It's a hamster wheel, a total nonsense. They should learn from PoE, a game I don0t like but that has a lot to teach to d3, about keeping playerbase. D3 just needs to be a bit less "hardcore" in skill tree, but has definitely great servers, great engine and gameplay.
    Just need to bring back the game to the arpg genre and not first a trading simulator (rmah) and now am exp grinder. A game about hacking, slashing, looting...and building your char. that's all.
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    posted a message on Against Paragon and stats increase.

    It would be easier to remove paragon bonus to stats. plain and simple.

    Leave exp as a means to get portraits, pets, titles, anything you like.

    Grift as a mean of pvp (pvevp..pvpve..cal it as you wish) should be just a "benchmark" of player skills/gear/build, not a mean to increase exp, gems level, etc.

    Let people compete for leaderboards and so on...

    I think that in a arpg, gear and build are the most important features.

    So just work on it: increase feasible builds, make skill tree more complicated and variated, more buildchanger items...more bonus/malus, anything with game mechanics that is ofc better than just increasing pl---stacking endless stat points.

    and I would add, please restore trade. But it's another problem, with black market vendors and so on.

    just allow trade through gah (locking direct trade) and part of the problem would be solved.

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    posted a message on Against Paragon and stats increase.

    Same on bnet:


    I know that someone needs a form of reward for playing.
    but infinite paragon level is not the right way, an endless exp run towards...what?

    my ideas:
    -pl just as a "prestige", for portraits or pets or skins.
    -more emphasis on items: unlock trade, reduce droprates, increase feasible builds per class.

    yes to item grinding/trading.
    back to diablo, not exp simulator.

    My two cents.

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    posted a message on What are your most favorite aspects of a Diablo game?
    Quote from UncleDan2017»

    Too me what makes a good ARPG is the loot grind, finding exciting loot, and sometimes finding loot so good that you want to reroll a new character just to use that loot. Also, I like a complex skill system that creates tons of replayability by exploring every nook and cranny of the skill tree. I really thing GD and PoE beat the pants off D3 in that aspect.

    Unfortunately, atm there is less or no loot...and everything involves grinding exp/pl.
    So sad, especially if we remember that at launch there was the exact opposite, too much item grind/AH and nothing else.well, I miss those moments T.T. not the bad part when all loot was trash and there were 2builds per class, but when perfect items were the final goal.
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    posted a message on What are your most favorite aspects of a Diablo game?
    Quote from Bleu42»

    Essentially what would make me personally happy while also not being out of the question and relatively easy to do would be to keep improving on D3, with these changes;

    Drastically reduce drop rates.

    Number crunch the game hard, and reduce sets power.

    Implement trading and a gold AH.

    Cap paragon / remove power from paragon. Either make it completely for fun and no cap / prestige, or a hard cap. Also character specific again since there isn't any MF.

    Reworked legendary gems. I'd vote to just remove them, but they at least need a cap.

    Get rid of the ridiculous amount of difficulties. There's what, 17? Going back to normal/NM/hell and inferno would work really well with how the game now dynamically scales with player level. Hell/ inferno would essentially be equal to today's torment 13 / and what T15 might feel like.

    Add more drops to search and lust after other than weapons and armor; jewels charms and runes would be a great start.

    Just implement how hostile worked for pvp, and give the leader of the game the ability to toggle hostile on or off, and let people 'duel' each other.

    There's a lot more but that's the basics in my opinion. All the hard caps I mentioned would be there to promote more builds and playstyles, because if you have a theoreticaly infinite difficulty in greater rifts, then you're actually forced to play the spec that does 5% better if you want a chance at leader boards.

    This post should be the schoolbook for d3 devs.
    guys, learn from it.
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    posted a message on Legendary Drop Rates are fine?

    it should just be part of a bigger evolution of the game. dignifying loot together with more game mechanics. more feasible builds. more gamestyles. deeper party gameplay.

    however, a game based on loot needs trade. can't ignore it

    but literally anything is better than paragon farming.

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    posted a message on Legendary Drop Rates are fine?

    Droprates are fine.

    The issue is that THE game born for loot-fun/feast has become now a sterile paragon grind.

    And it's not because loot is too much, but because there is no enough variety of things to do.

    No enough theorycrafting, no enough builds, no enough meaningful synergies: it's just little nerf-big buff to go up with gr/paragon.

    It's..just boring.

    My advice: make diablo a game, not a paragon farmer.

    grind loot, trade it, put a gazillion items with nearly endless combinations of skills,builds,etc...and leave people try builds.

    and keep inventing new mechanincs to keep people logged in

    STOP just raising the bar every 2months. it's not wow. it's not a mmo...and we're tired.

    -and a microtransactions purely-cosmetic store, if feel the need of some extra coins for invigorating devs-

    make it a game of build-theoryctafting, looting, trading.

    what d2 used to be (or poe, with clunky graphics and a very bad AH-like trade: put back gold AH and stop binding items)...not this mess

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    posted a message on It's pretty obvious what this game needs next

    the game needs a cap to pl and much more viable builds.

    if some players really need "competition, make grifts gear and skill based, not just 4zero pl/gazilion exp.

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