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    posted a message on Who's still playing d2?
    I've been playing d2 again a little bit at a time. I started losing interest when all the rune words came out and made all my stuff obsolete, so i stopped playing for a long time. I saw no reason to make all-new characters just to put different stats into them because of one runeword weapon that made energy completely useless. Suddenly everyone's build became the same and i eventually started playing WoW instead.

    Also, everyone became very unfriendly and bots sorta "took over." Hardcore mode even lost its' appeal when people stopped helping eachother and began TP-PKing. It was no longer survival of the fittest, it was survival of the most backstabbing.

    After playing WoW, though, D2 is really hard to get back into because of all the broken systems in place
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    posted a message on Barbarian Lifestyle for Dummies
    Quote from "BrutalBarbarian" »
    Barbarian Music:
    Any for of METAL! Especially Dethklok (from Metalocalypse), Motorhead, Beowulf Soundtrack, Finntroll, Einherjer

    Barbarian Foods:
    Meat of every friggin kind, I cant figure out tho whether its more BRUTAL to eat it hella rare or hella burnt

    The fact that you have even heard of Finntroll makes you awesome. I love their stuff, though i haven't heard much of it (i have the Nattfodd cd and have heard some other songs) I think the band Bathory is worth mentioning too, during their "Viking Metal" days with songs about Odin and stuff like that. Metaloalypse is awesome, the Dethalbum is among the best metal cds of all time

    I like my steak burned to a crisp in the fires of Hell!

    Also, the movie "The 13th Warrior" is worth a mention

    Quote from "BrutalBarbarian" »
    also, what is the best barbarian environment? The frozen north? Sun-baked mountains? The desert wastes? or a forest?

    Absolutely the Frozen North. Nothing says brutal like spilling blood on ice and snow.
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    In my opinion, there's just not enough content to make a re-make. They would have to add so much it would feel like an entirely new game. There's so much stuff they'd have to fix, add, take out..and the simple fact that it was so linear (down, down, down, down, down) that the lack of places to explore would just not be enough to build upon. (without leaving the town completely, which just wouldn't fit into the storyline)

    Now, while we're on the subject, something that might make a little more sense is a prequel. Why did the dark wanderer, aka the character you beat D1 with, even come to Tristram? What made him think he could beat the evil? What made him think he could contain it within himself?

    Or perhaps some side stories could be involved. For instance, surely Adria and Grizwold put up a decent fight against the invaders once the hero/dark wanderer left, right? So let's play through it as them!

    But honestly, i dob't think this would work much better than a Tetris remake. I mean, where else can you really go with this concept? Improve the graphics, sure, obviously, but what else? It would require so much re-working (skills, stats, everything else) that it would practically need a whole new system, and if they're gonna do that, why not just save it for a Diablo 4?
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    i think it was such a minor area in D2 that they didn't want too many people "trying" to go into the Cathedral again, so they just eliminated the option of even seeing it. There are several, if not many, inconsistencies with D2's Tristram...for example...where did the huge hole that leads straight down to Hell go? Did it just close up?

    Tristram became sort of a forgotten place, so i think it was sorta poetic...to symbolize that all the major events in Tristram have been forgotten or written off as just legends. Tristram, in a sense, has forgotten itself, and all traces of the events there have been erased by time and nature.

    Or maybe i'm looking too deep into it.
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    That game only reminds me how annoying the tetris inventory is in an action oriented game, lol.
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    posted a message on need a zon name
    anything followed by "zon" adds an aspect of humor to it.

    chickenzon, bubbazon, prisonsexazon, donkeyzon, pluckazon, duckazon, ....zonazon...

    barfazon pukezon spewazon

    or maybe make "zon" sound like "is on"...for example Pukezonyou sounds like "pukes on you"

    This is a little out of my area of expertise, i tend to use names that are from song titles from heavy metal bands. It's purely an "image" thing, and i know not everyone will see the references, but it gives my characters a sort of life or essence that keeps me in a serious sort of mood, and lets me focus better. I can't focus while using a character with a humorous name, i can't take the character seriously with a name like "SirPoopsalot" or "IjustKilledyouWTF" or whatever
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    This kinda caught me off guard. I'm not used to such serious topics in here. However, i must admit i've considered things like this. There's so much i don't want to miss in this life, but most of them aren't stuff like rock-climbing and all that adventurous stuff, it's all entertainment stuff that i don't wanna miss. I often wonder how many movie/game sequels i'll miss when i do die.

    but honestly, it's not worth thinking about. I mean, if you spend life thinking about death, then what will you spend death "thinking about?" Being alive? As weird as it may sound, i don't want to be so attached to how life works that i get stuck in a constant state of regret when i die. I've heard lots of ghost stories, and some idea about the existence of spirits on earth is that they still wish they were alive, or they miss what they had on earth, or something happened to them that made them regret their death. If that's a possibility, i don't want to be one of those "lost souls."

    Yes yes, i'm getting a little carried away here with this idea because there's too much to consider - religion, personal beliefs, past experiences with the "supernatural" and whatnot. But that is all hard to avoid in this sort of subject.

    The strange thing is, i've been thinking about this kind of stuff a lot ever since i started playing Silent Hill Homecoming. It's such a dark game, it makes you think about stuff like this, and the fact that it's a game serious that i keep up with whenever there's a sequel...well, that just makes me wonder if i'll miss any future sequels.

    Maybe there's computers in the afterlife.

    Maybe death is Diablo 4. Heaven is Sanctuary and it's our jobs in death to keep legions of demons out! Ok, this is just geting weird, i'm gonna stop before i take this concept too far, heh
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    posted a message on Character Stat Assigning
    Quote from "Royalkin" »
    If you take the stance that by allowing auto stat distribution, "bad" or "stupid" builds are eliminated, it doesn't make a valid point, and here is why.

    In a system where choice is allowed in any form, regardless whether those choices involve stats, skills, items, or anything else, eventually "ANYTHING" thats customizable, an "uber" system will follow.

    Essentially my point is this, no matter what the developers choose to allow us to customize, eventually the best options will be found, and everyone will use that setup.

    So, if we can't customize our stats (abilities), and we will be able to customize our skills, eventually the best setup for those skills will be released and everyone will start working towards them.

    In conclusion, any choice will eventually lead to players seeking the "uber" setup. And if thats the case, either you must not allow any customization (Uberlame), or why not just let players screw up their characters however they want.

    You've got some good points there. No matter how they set up stat points, skill points, and runes, and any combination of them, there will be a few good ways, and a few bad ways. And probably a few terrible ways and a few uber ways. So, while in D2 you can become great through stats, in D3 you will become great through skillpoints and playstyle. The way i see it, they haven't sacrificed anything, they've only shifted peoples' focus from stats to skills. Which, to me, is a good thing.

    From what i've seen from playing WoW though, a lot of times there is no "best" way. there is only a best way for speciffic playstyles. So hopefully they will balance the different character builds so that the good builds are equal in a way, that way, no single uber build will dominate the game. For instance, in WoW whenver a ridiculously powerful combo or build is found by a player, Blizzard finds a way to nerf it, not to take away power but to restore the balance of power while keeping the game fun for people who don't enjoy the playstyle requitred for that certain build.

    This is getting to complicated, but overall what i'm saying is i agree, and i have trust in Blizzards' ability to keep enough customization to please people, but also allow more skillful/knowledgable players to have the advantage they deserve through playstyle rather than through character build.
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    posted a message on Is D3 dark enough for you now?
    Quote from "Eldritch" »

    You are confusing dark lighting with a dark setting/mood/atmosphere. The former is only effective for people who are afraid of the dark. The Diablo series is a hell of a lot more moody than that, despite its history of dated graphics and huge, colourful spell effects. Take some time out to ponder it.

    As it is, it is not dark and certainly not 'gothic'. It is like something you'd see on Cartoon Network, plus overdone gore as if the creatures were piñatas. As I said, like a Tim Burton film.

    I play Silent Hill, so needless to say i understand both. And that seems to be exactly what the issue is. Both. A lot of people are complaining about there being no light radius (thus actual light and dark) and a lot of people are complaining that the scenery is unfitting for the "dark" mood the other games had (thus atmospheric dark)

    the desert and the mountains in D2 had neither, as far as i'm concerned. But, it didn't bother me. I liked it anyway. The deserts did certainly have their own unique ambiance, but to me there was nothing foreboding or scary about them. In fact, act 2 for me was quite a pleasant place to hang around in.

    But yeah, i certainly understand the difference between literal darkness and metaphorical and/or atmospheric darkness. i Just don't think Diablo was really as atmospherically dark as people have hyped it up to be. It always had a sort of dark background and story, but the atmosphere, outside of the dungeons, wasn't really dark.
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    posted a message on MUST READ - Rob Pardo talks Battle.Net monetizing
    Well, this should please everyone. I wasn't against the idea, it's just that if it had been P2P i might have cancelled my WoW account for a while, but that shouldn't be necessary now.

    Hopefully i won't be needing to change my name very often, heh
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    posted a message on Weren't we supposed to hate Blizzard for the new class?
    Quote from "viciousnugget" »
    Maybe with the introduction of the wizard and the auto stat idea people will realize their wizard may never gain enough strength to wear the high defense armors. i.e. archon plate, sacred armor. Instead they will be forced to wear low defense ones such as light plate and mage plate.

    To me, that's a good thing. They won't likely put any stats on those types of armor that would help a magic-user anyway, so i think the stat thing supports the item types.

    I'm glad they used a revised version of a class that's considered kind of a classic. It might not seem really creative, but i think they did enough new stuff with it to make it a new class.
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    posted a message on Thesaurus-Based Predictions
    Quote from "Zogar" »
    • Pirate - buccaneer, corsair, filibuster, freebooter, marauder, picaroon, plagiarize, plunderer, privateer, raider, robber, sea-robber, sea dog, sea wolf, steal, thief, viking
    Not sure how the pirate thing applies, since it would seemingly fit in with a rogue. Maybe not by the thesaurus, but the basic idea is about the same. Someone who steals/tricks/uses quick or stealthy weapons/fights for profit. I would think that rogue and thief are pretty much the same thing, by the logic of most rpgs.
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    posted a message on So... the other 3 classes?
    Quote from "kiowa" »
    Ok we seen the wizz now what?
    I think a druid is the most probable one.

    I don't think they are re-using anything besides the barb. Plus, they already have elemental damage, melee damage, and a summoner...so i doubt they'd make a class that is basically all 3 in one...

    The most probable class archetype would be a ranged melee character. Some sort of amazon-ish character. Something quick that can use ranged weapons.

    Also, possibly a sword-and-shield "knight" type of class. We have a Barbarian already, but they don't seem to be focused on defense very much, more about offense
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    posted a message on Gypsy
    How about a fortune telling skill? You could tell people how lucky they would be, and give them a higher magic-find rating. (you know the whole gypsy fortune teller cliche...)

    ok, to be a bit more serious, i don't think this would really fit into Sanctuary at all. Didn't Diablo 2's sorceress already have gypsy-like qualities to her?
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    posted a message on The Judge
    Diablo seems to be based pretty heavily on paganism and it's many different forms, with stuff like the sorc, the druid, the necro ("actual" necromancy is about speaking with the spirits, not raising skeletons, but they seem to amp-up everything for the fantasy value) and even the barbarian is very much like the anglo-saxon warriors.

    The paladin seems to represent christianity in a way, with the holy spells and whatnot, although World of Warcraft's paladin fits the idea a little better.

    I wouldn't be surprized to see a new version of the paladin, so this idea might work. Especially since they made the Wizard which is essentially a chaotic version of the Sorceress. However, since they don't seem to really focus much on minor differences among the characters' religions and belif systems (they tend to go for extremes) i'm not sure if they'd worry much about the characters' religious background being slightly different than the paladin, since there really isn't a distinguished "god" in Diablo games. Even the paladin focuses on "the light" in general rather than a speciffic diety.

    So, while i understand there are great differences between Christian and Jewish in real life, i don't think they are going to really focus on that in diablo.
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