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    Quote from Jetrall


    To become a member of Sons of Ohr, one must send a DiabloWiki.com - Private Message Private Message to the Guild Leader with the following information filled out (as applicable):

    • Forum Username
    • BNet Realm
    • BNet Username
    • Email (Optional)
    • Instant Messaging (Optional)

    Can i just send you Nude pics? :D
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    i dont want to sound like an ass, or anything like that, but take all your ideas on hell, and just throw them away. Imagine Hell as the worst thing ever, actually, you probably cant even comprehend how bad it is, its so bad, that our minds cant comprehend it. pain beyond imagination, terrible terrible things to see that you cant even imagine. its like your worst nightmare multiplied by and infinate number.
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    dang i better got to 100 posts and quick
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