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    posted a message on What do you think of Season 18's Theme?

    i am colourblind so this season its just a lot of rings that do something good that oculus is still the brightest one and season dmg ring darkest

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    well we always fight as nephilim but what about angels and daemons wonder how will gampley looks like

    and to make it fit in the story line player heroes were some long forgotten prime evils/archangels sealed away by malthael becouse they were too strong and when he died seals broke :) (they need to be powerfull to stand against nephilim or with them whatever)

    this will also make possible faction as angels(to cleanse evrything) deamons(to destroy everything) and nephilim faction(to protect sanctary) pvp

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    dont know how d3 works on ps4 but there still are rainbow gobs on pc when i found some it was mostly when doing public bounty/keywarden but thats just the only zones i wisit outside rifts

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