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    LOL, love the cow siggies.
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    posted a message on The Wait is Over -- PTR Patch 1.13
    7) Hell yeah! And I would also reduce the power of Static Field (aka the one point boss killer) and give it a bunch of synergies instead. Wouldn't it be fun to have a Static Field build You reduce enemy health to a tiny tiny bit and then drop them with one nova or something.

    Static only gets bosses down to about half and then casting it does like nothing. I do think it should be less effective at lower levels, as opposed to a smaller range. I think the range needs to be increased and the effects lowered. I mean, it's so counter-intuitive. Why should static be so small-ranged? Sorceresses are ranged characters. It just boggles my mind -.-'
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    posted a message on Favorite Member Contest '09 Nomination Thread
    Quote from "Ivaron" »
    I know this is nitpicking, but you've forgotten to color blood-dolls name blue Seth ^_^

    The only people that are blue are ones that have two or more nominations but don't make the top ten.

    Also, obviously I should be on top in the list. How could you make such an enormous mistake?

    Craaap :o *goes and stuffs Ivaron at the top of the list*

    Not enough reasons ey, well at least one of the mods was so kind to tell me. -.-

    1. Moderators aren't tasked with helping me with this thread (though they do and I really appreciate it).
    2. In the OP it says that if you break the rules of the nomination ceremony, your post will instantly be deleted and you are responsible for reading the OP in its entirety.

    Quote from Jamoose »
    Man i nominated pysxix ffs.

    First my post get deleted now its completely ignored. FUck this shit.

    Your post:

    Quote from You »
    I nominate Siaynoq for telling it as it is.

    I also nominate Mephisto's Lament just because.

    OH and i want to nominate myself! you bunch of assholes why no one nominates me! i want that custom title thing! agqehqehwekw[eokw!@$%^

    Honorable mentions:


    Could not qualify because Siaynoq has opted out publicly, you gave no reason for nominating Mephisto, and you can't nominate yourself (see rules in OP). It was all explained here the first time you asked and made no effort to adjust your nominations:

    Quote from PhrozenDragon »
    You nominated Siaynoq, who has declined to participate, and then Mephisto, however you failed to give a reason, which made the nomination void.

    And lastly, you cannot nominate yourself, so none of your nominations qualified. You are however allowed to try again :)

    I would be more than happy to accept your nominations as long as they followed the guidelines established to result in reliable, fair, and meaningful nominations.


    Thanks for all of your nominations so far everyone! I'll be updating it late tonight.
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    posted a message on Meditation
    The irony (or coincidence? you choose! :D) is I did and that's how I got in my first accident :P I get too carried away with music... I kind of start conducting it. Not good while your driving.
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    posted a message on Favorite Member Contest '09 Nomination Thread
    Calm yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. I said I would update it today, and for me it is still today ;)

    Quote from "deathMars" »
    Siaynoq because I think he has the most personality.


    1. Siaynoq opted out of being nominated again for this year.
    2. You have two nominations this year (see OP).

    Nomination List

    1. Turmobil: 11 Nominations (emilemil1 (1/2), Equinox (2/2), Ivaron (1/2), Party_Foul (1/2), Zhar (2/2), Vnom (1/2), Vnom (2/2), stoaster (2/2), Dauroth (1/2), Dauroth (2/2), Lord Petrov (1/2))
    2. -Mephisto's Lament-: 11 Nominations (Pryda (2/2), Umpa65 (1/2), Donsro (1/2), Ivaron (2/2), DieHardDiabloFan (1/2), PhrozenDragon (1/2), Thasador (2/2), Genesis (1/2), Atrumentis (2/2), Taifu (1/2), and Taifu (2/2))
    3. Equinox: 7 Nominations (Umpa65 (2/2), w000tstick (1/2), w000tstick (2/2), Azriel (1/2), Puttah (1/2), Genesis (2/2), and Don_guillotine (2/2))
    4. Umpa65: 6 Nominations (-Mephisto's Lament- (2/2), Donsro (2/2), Zhar (1/2), stoaster (1/2), Psyxix (2/2), and Lord Petrov (2/2))
    5. Zhar: 6 Nominations (Turmobil (2/2), zhuge (1/2), zhuge (2/2), Atrumentis (2/2), blizter (1/2), and blizter (2/2))
    6. Kenzai: 5 Nominations (emilemil1 (2/2), Party_Foul (2/2), Turmobil (1/2), interception (1/2), and interception (2/2))
    7. LinkX: 4 Nominations (PhrozenDragon (2/2), Psyxix (1/2), Thasador (1/2), Azriel (2/2), and Don_guillotine (2/2))
    8. scyberdragon: 4 Nominations (Jeru5 (2/2), Junction3 (1/2), Junction3 (2/2), and Puttah (2/2))
    9. emilemil1: 4 Nominations (Nacho_ijp (2/2)), Kenzai (1/2), Kenzai (2/2), and Don_guillotine (1/2))
    10. blood-doll: 3 Nominations (Siaynoq (2/2), Rykker (1/2), and Rykker (2/2))
    11. Azriel: 3 Nominations (Nacho_ijp (1/2), Equinox (1/2), and LinkX (2/2))
    12. Lt. Venom: 2 Nominations (Jeru5 (1/2) and DieHardDiabloFan (2/2))
    13. Junction3: 2 Nominations (scyberdragon (1/2) and scyberdragon (2/2))
    14. Jeru5: 1 Nomination (Pryda (1/2))
    15. Pryda: 1 Nomination (-Mephisto's Lament- (1/2))
    16. Psyxix: 1 Nomination (LinkX (1/2))
    17. Ivaron: 1 Nomination (Siaynoq (1/2))


    Days until nominations are closed: 23
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    posted a message on The Tavern of Jay
    *ties on his Ribbon (if you don't get that reference...!)*
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    posted a message on More Hopes Dashed, 1.13 Delay Going Strong
    Quote from "JohnRambo" »
    Ok so if there isn't going to be any new content, no increased stash size, what IS going to be in the patch?

    That's what we're all wondering right now >.>
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    posted a message on Forum Gold on Dfans?
    In general, we have Diablo II forums and they aren't all that active, and that's really the only game I would see this really working for since it doesn't really have a common currency ingame.

    In any case, I always liked the idea just for the fun of it. Someone wants a sig? 10 fg. Someone wants a custom title? 100 fg. I guess not many people would agree for those things, but it could be a kind of little game that we could encourage by pinning it on to contests and such. I think as a system purely for fun on the forums, and not for trading game items, it would be cool. It could even work in our RP's and such somehow, I'm sure.

    An exchange medium for services and certain member identifiers, if you will. Doesn't have to compete with JSP, it's just for fun.

    And those are my thoughts.
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    posted a message on New Roleplay, interest?
    What would be happening in said RP? Could you give any story details?
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    posted a message on Answer a question with another question game
    Where do nurglings go to mate with gurglings?
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