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    Well, you didn't need those, anyway :P
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    And why don't we just throw on some polka dots and a few zebra stripes, then give it a bump map and glaze it with marmalade and porcupine quills.

    Edit~ Dark blue is hard for me to read.
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    We can't report what isn't out there. For this reason, as has been stated countless times in the past, we post things that are for discussion's sake. Sorry to disappoint you, but new character classes, areas, artwork, lore, and game mechanics are not released every day, every two days, or every week. We still need to supplement it with something. Nothing new has been announced in at least a week, and even then we are often drawing on tidbits. This has been true for years.

    We're hoping for exclusive interviews, but even those will not reveal much of anything new, because Blizzard only reveals new things on their schedule.

    If you have an issue, please talk to Sixen or contact me by PM. In the future, all posts of this nature will be deleted as spam.

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    posted a message on News Staff Guide
    Guidelines for Writing an Article

    Here is a basic work flow for writing a front-page article for DiabloFans. I stress that these are guidelines and do not need to be followed strictly; they are here merely to help.

    1. Identify Purpose
    What do you want to write about and why do you want to do so? Try jotting down some key points or arguments that you want to make along your way. Think of possible sources that will be needed. Sources will be needed.

    2. Research
    You need to back up what you have to say with some solid facts, statistics, or examples. Some great places to look for information are our own Diablo Wiki, Blizz Tracker, Twitter Tracker, Arreat Summit, and Blizzard's website.

    Appealing to the Masses

    Additionally, try searching through old news threads or the Completed Work Area of the News Staff Forum: sometimes you will discover old ideas to disprove, resurface, or recycle. Such things can be great for old-time crowd hookers.

    Images and YouTube videos can be excellent ways of both informing and entertaining reading audiences. Try to incorporate both as often as you can, so long as each use has a specific purpose.

    3. Composition
    When you decide it's time to write your first draft of your article, you may be at a loss as to how to start. Often, it's good enough to start by reviewing known information leading up to the new information you want to reveal. Other times, it's better to get straight to the point, especially if you're short on time.

    Images are great pieces of multimedia to incorporate in to your article, especially if there is a lot of text and it needs to be broken-up. It is advised that any images you choose to use in your article are uploaded directly to your DiabloFans image album. I created an album in my allotted space purely for news images, and I place all images intended for news posts inside.

    If you're adding images larger than a standard text field, or wide or high enough to cause a substantial break in text flow, consider using image thumbnails. If you need any help incorporating images, please contact me or another staff member.

    From time to time, awesome videos pop up on YouTube that are perfectly applicable to articles. They are great for drawing in readers and mixing up the front page now and then.

    To insert a YouTube video into a post, simply copy the entire URL of the page the video is on (the stuff in the address bar at the top of your browser), click the multimedia button () in any quick/advanced reply area, and past the URL into the resultant blank area. The result:


    When you write an article for the front page, the idea is to get as much traffic and keep it on site for as long as possible. Links will drag readers all over DiabloFans and increase our viewership. Links should also be used whenever you are citing a source.

    If you notice you typed a buzz word, or a word which may not be inherently understood but is important to the article you are writing, highlight it and turn it into a link to help readers understand what you're saying. When you find yourself referring back to old information, link to an older article on DiabloFans if you can. If you find that you have typed a lore- or game-related term, like a monster name, highlight the word and click the DW icon in the formatting bar above the text input area to create a link to its Diablo Wiki comrade.

    Blizz Quotatations: When you have to quote something typed or said by an official Blizzard employee, please use the Blizz Quotes BB code. To do so, copy the text you would like to quote, paste it in a text region, go to Advanced Posting mode, and highlight the text. Click the button in the formatting bar above the text region and it will prompt you for the URL where the text was originally posted or said.

    Important: If the base text is available through any of the DiabloFans trackers, use the URL from DiabloFans for better traffic.

    Other Formatting Notes
    Coloring: It is best to avoid using colored text in front page posts. It can be obnoxiously distracting, counter the site's design, and may, in some cases, be illegible. This is increasingly true of posts which were posted in the past, before a new site design occurred, and are now annoying or hard to read.

    Underlining: I find that underlining text makes reading slightly difficult, and makes text blocks look untidy. Instead, italicize (make the text slanty :cute:) the text.

    Size Matters: No, not your dick. Avoid changing the default font size if you don't have to. Any smaller and it can be very hard to read, and if it's too big, it can look obnoxious, break text flow, and otherwise make your post a slobberfest.
    4. Editing
    There are a few things you should do before you post your article to be reviewed by your peers to make sure your first rendition is the best that it can possibly be:
    1. Eliminate wordiness. Making your sentences bloated with redundant adjectives leads readers through verbal Hell. It is distracting, often makes readers forget what they started reading about, and makes you work much harder than you have to.
    2. Consistent style. Keep your writing style the same throughout your article; otherwise, readers will encounter the written equivalent of schizophrenia.
    3. Check spelling. Obvious.
    4. Check grammar. Don't abuse commas, and don't overlook other grammatical possibilies. Try out a dash if it spices up the grammatical framework. Trust me, it's more modern.

    5. Review
    It is important that your article is reviewed and proofread before it is posted, so long as such time is available to you. Post it in a thread in the News Staff Forum and ask for suggestions, corrections, and general feedback. It can help tighten your arguments, style, and formatting so that what you put on DiabloFans' front page is everything you are capable of!

    Make sure to notify me (Seth, News Manager) with how many hours you would like your article to have and what day and time you plan on putting it up to avoid hairy situations (see here).

    6. Posting
    It's the big moment: you're ready to post your shiny new article and make DiabloFans history! You have just a few things to check on first. Make sure you have a snazzy title: something ironic, funny, witty, or informative is advised, so long as it is as concise as possible. Make sure you add tags to the thread so that Google and other search engines will redirect as many people as possible to DiabloFans. Finally, make sure you notify either Sixen or me that your thread is completed so that we know to post it on Twitter and so that I know to move your old work thread in the News Staff Forum to the completed subforum.

    After an extensive manager meeting a week or so ago, we've unanimously decided that in order to avoid the post-everything-even-if-it's-not-of-value-and-be-shat-on-by-the-community situation, give our important news more prominence, and, overall, boost the quality of news posts, please avoid posting anything of the following nature:

    • Ambiguous Twitter posts (like "ghosts have a new glow mechanic!") which do not give us anything solid to actually report on, and very little substance to read.
    • Bashiok lol-posts.
    • Anything else that you think is insubstantial.
    In addition, with the Blizzcon coming up, all of this becomes even more important. If you have any questions, please ask me or Sixen. If someone PM's you a heads-up for something that you believe is insubstantial, please either politely tell them it will not be posted and encourage them to post it on their own, or refer them to me or Sixen.

    Also, if something obviously important comes up that is simultaneously ambiguous, like release date information, demo information, etc., do post it! It may be ambiguous, but such things get some of the best reception.


    Stay on Top of the News

    Just to be clear, here are some places you should be checking regularly (daily). If you will be on most of the day, check them as often as you can. Have them opened on other tabs and refresh them once in a while.

    • Our Blizz Tracker ([highlight]UPDATE:[/highlight] This now covers Diablo II sections of the official Battle.net forums as well as other Diablo III official forums- see here for more information!)
    • Our New On-Site Diablo Twitter Tracker.
    • The Official Blizzard Site
    • The Arreat Summit (I don't think I've ever done anything on what they've posted, but it doesn't hurt to look)
    • The news section when you log on to the Battle.net in-game client.
    • BlizzBlues - Tracks every Blizzard Rep. post on Battle.net forums.
    • Backstage News thread - For any Staff from other teams that spot something that may be of interest.

    Other tips: Make it obvious that you are a news person for our site. Put it in your custom user title, your signature, you avatar (if you want to be really creative), or anywhere else you can think of. If members ask you about news or post general questions about it, respond to them. Respond often to news articles.

    Constant vigilance.

    (If you find other good sources, by all means, share!)
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    Let me tell you what is happening, both good and bad, in my opinion. What Curse has brought to us is the help the staff has been desperately begging for for years- active, able administration personnel that can deal with technical issues that we haven't been able to deal with before.

    What we lost was the laid-back personal touch that we've had for years for professionalism. That is, however, a natural effect of commercial development and something that would have changed eventually if we wanted this site to continue to grow. No matter what anyone tells you now, no, we do not have it. We may have some lingering effects, but it is at large gone.

    Some people, like myself, are unwanting to accept this sacrifice. I, however, try to realize its necessity. It is, of course, not entirely their fault. People leave with time and age, get real jobs and develop real issues that require more real-life attention. I have had many good friends come and go because of it.

    The reason this happens is really because this was initially a youth and ignorance-run community. From years of evolution and experience with tons of issues, the staff has developed in step, from more chaotic roots to what we have now. For a long time, as Phrozen noted, there just were no rules. The community was much smaller and everything was able to be solved by just waiting or arguing it out, or Big Brother just stamping it out.

    Now this is a community in the thousands and highly active. Rules were drafted and installed. The rules we just got rid of were more lenient for staff members to enforce. Now they are more strict down to reducing the freedom of staff members to decide what should be given for violations. This loss of freedom is an increase in order and is expected with an increase in efficiency and professionalism.

    Things that were relegated to more personal approaches are now being relegated to automated processes. Hand-picked staff and personally-enforced rules are being replaced with more efficient mechanics. Though I would still personally prefer the old system, this is how it must go and it will result in progress.

    So, do not think of this change as a loss of the old so much as a gain of the new. Equilibrium has been maintained, it just has new methods.

    Here's to the future :thumbsup:
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    Quote from "Umpa65" »
    Don't brag about your rep. There are rep thieves here lol.

    Correct. My minions shall ninja your rep...
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    posted a message on How much rep do you have?
    Quote from "Zhar" »
    Yeah, it was "I made you a cookie but I eated it" guy.
    Fuck, I forget his name.
    .... It had a g in it.

    gamma11 :hammy: I'll never forget him. He was the first person to piss me off. Great guy, though.

    Agh, they all beated me.
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    posted a message on Lack of a Paladin would leave many Blizzard gamers disappointed
    Alright, some of you need to understand, It's not about how the Paladin was balanced in the latest set of patches, but instead the fact that he was the holy dedicated warrior focused solely on destroying the invading evil, is the reason players want him back. He was a character that inspired you to want to cleanse the world of these demonic forces and save the ppl from their grasp. I actually stopped playing D2 regularly before synergies and the overbalances that came with them were added, and back than the Pally was a popular class too. Even with the way they have him now, it wouldn't mean they'd have to design him in the same way if he were to come back but....

    Oh, there's no lack of understanding there. What I am saying is simply that, if you could read my inductive voice there, this: The Paladin is hugely popular in Diablo II because his power is unchecked and can kill anything in the game (well, besides one monster). He has massively overpowered skills which deal in the thousands of damage without any monsters being resistant. He has skills that take down a boss with no more than one point in them.

    The reason he is so popular is because he is broken, and that is what I am addressing. If you argue against this, you have not played Diablo II in the last couple years.

    So, inductively, what I was stating was that if anyone, since there are many out there, want the Paladin back from Diablo II because he was so "ub3r l33t", it will not happen on that basis.

    And this has not purely been an issue because of patches. Smite was still insanely overpowered and still is.

    Now, if you want him back based on a minority view, because of his archetypical importance to complete the characters, my only argument is that he is really too similar to the Monk in many ways and both would have to be reworked to fit him in (the Monk is a heavy mix of the Assassin and Paladin in my opinion).

    I can guarantee you, however, if he was in the game, if he was no less than exactly what he was in Diablo II, in looks, skills, and power (if not greater), we will have many, many angry threads going up on this forum crying about it.

    That is all.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Side Quests- Will the Myriad be Worth It?
    Side quests have been adding longevity and depth to RPG's since the dawn of their creation, ranging from overtly simple go-fetch quests to elaborate story-driven side quests that have awarded a richer game play experience as well as some good extra loot.

    Since 1996, the Diablo franchise has tried its claim to the role-playing market. Although it is arguably classified as an ARPG, developers have tried bringing the player deeper in to Sanctuary with extra side quests since the beginning. Diablo I notably gave players options for a number of alternative and rewarding side quests, lending additional lore (shown in in-game, audible books) and even some extra mini-bosses to the chaos of subterranean Tristram.

    Though these were arguably lessened from a player standpoint in Diablo II, developers nonetheless gave an effort to add in a plethora of mini-quests that added things such as tiny bits of lore, skill points, and stat points to your character as well as special one-time privileges such as imbuing and inscribing your name on items.

    Since the beginning, we have known that Diablo III will contain a goodly number of extra quests, some that are even character-driven (as noted here where Jay Wilson says that the Monk's tattoos may be affected by the storyline):

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    Aside from the main storyline there are a lot of optional random quests.

    In order to accomplish this, Bashiok explained that plug-in areas of maps would serve as mediums for randomized or extra quests:

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    To keep some bits of random in there though we have a bunch of small, medium, and large pieces cut out of them. In those cut out pieces the game can then place the randomized "adventure" sets. They could be artistic in nature (a fountain, an abandoned cart), they could spawn extra enemies, or they could spawn quests.

    Will these be improvements from the previous games, however, or will they continue along the lines of Diablo II, where most simply skipped the majority of minor quests to get through the game? How can they be made better? What would be ideal to take from the old games and enhance with the new?
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    posted a message on Am I the only one who thinks there are too much effects ?
    If this is in relation to Diablo II, I would say they're equal. Other than that, I would say there are times that there are too many (just like I would say about Diablo II), but that's likely to change since Bashiok has said that they've noted the effects are too off the chart at the moment.
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