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    Oh, excellent, okay then :D Thanks for clearing that up, Bambi.
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    Hey, on this note, is it possible to lock a thread at the same time that the poll verdict is reached (I.E. when timed polls are finished their preset time and stop receiving votes)? This would keep some poll threads that have been dead for a while from getting bumped back up.
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    Before even another moment had passed, the creature was upon them. Its wicked sword arched through the semi-darkness and slammed into an unanticipating Darrian, his reflexes unable to account for the weight of his heavy weapon of choice.

    Even as the demon's sword impaled his chest and sent him hurtling back in to a rotting, ancient pillar, the vile creature grinned insidiously.

    Darrian struggled to his feet and fixed his hands upon the handle of his massive weapon, "In the name of Torm I cast this demon back to the Nine Hells!"

    As his hammer fell throw the air, a distant enchantment echoed throw the shadows: "Praeses, Alia, Fero!"

    Darrian's hammer stopped as if it had crashed into wall and then become stuck in it. His eyes contorted in confusion and surprise, "What new devilry has this creature summoned?"

    A man slid out of the shadows to his right, robed in brown, his thumb and middle finger fixed on his temples, his right hand extended toward the motionless hammerhead. His hands then fell, his concentration broken, and he looked hard at Darrian, "The demon has said that your anger feeds him- do not raise your weapon upon him just yet-"

    Darrian nudged him away, "Who are you- no, you do not concern me. Go about your business, there is a demon to be slayed and a wizard will not step in my way!"

    He slung his hammer once again throw the air and in to the robed demon. He was tossed aside like a rag doll in a hurricane, tattered, blackened robes and bits of shadow collapsing and hurtling to the ground.

    "See? There is no beast that can withstand my hammer!" laughed Darrian haughtily.

    As he spoke the demon raised itself from the dusty floor, growing taller and larger than before, a thicker darkness and twang of terror upon him this time. His sword seemed somehow more solid and flickered with a wicked black lightning. His eyes grew brighter still, and he laughed.
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    Quote from "DarthKarnage" »
    :offtopic: Is there someway we can get a moderator here tomorrow to stay on all day and delete all posts by "firstposters"?

    They aren't all bad. There were a few good ones, and everyone does have a right to discuss the possibilites.
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    Quote from "Daniel89" »
    You misiunderstood, you post was poking fun at people who only come on the forums during a big event, my post was merely mocking why would anyone want to randomely join a site when theres no event near. Unless i misunderstood yours, in which case i apologize.

    Oh, okay. I guess it just depends on your point of view, then. For instance, I'm really sick of people with 3 posts coming in and when I say, "There's always a possibility that it won't be Diablo III- like MD said, it could also be WC IV or just more hype for WotLK," saying to me, "Evry1 who thinkz is WC4 F U!!one11!"

    The majority of people that have this pattern of joining, posting once or twice, and then never posting again once the event(s) is(are) over 1) have no information to back up their argument, 2) are hopeless fan bois that ignorantly believe things without proper review of the facts, 3) flame for no reason, 4) don't thoroughly read through posts and then flame the person, 5) spam incessently, 6) all post "I've been watching this forum for x years and have been playing Diablo since it came out," 7) regurgitate what has already been said at least once on every single page and then say, "WTF I DONT WANTZ 2 REED TEH HOLE F***IN THRED!!", and 8) are usually very immature about their posts.

    Given, there are exceptions, and immaturity on a site for a game is okay (in general, though since this game is technically for adults, this shouldn't be an issue.) I've seen this time and time again, and you have to understand, from where I'm standing it gets very, very annoying.
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    Quote from "toolboy198302" »
    Hey folks, Have we ruled out a new blizzcast? maybe something leading toward d3 in it?
    just doing a little brain storming

    Yeah, a Blizzcast was ruled out. Supposedly, the next two Blizzcasts will not be Diablo-related. That's also a good thing- it could mean that they're too busy (the Diablo team) to do a Blizzcast.
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    -.-' You're missing the point. They can't be subject to our laws or they aren't beyond nature- "super-natural". They'd be aliens or something.

    Your brain is still subject to the natural laws of our Universe.

    That really has nothing to do with the angel itself.

    And let's say an angel came down to you, showed itself and had a nice little chat with you. Would it not be an angel then? If it wasn't, then angels cannot possibly exist, because there'd be no way to ever notice them. If we ever did, they wouldn't be angels anymore.

    That's exactly what I'm saying. They're beyond our rules. It's obviously going to confuse us because it would be like trying to define a banana with HTML- we are something completely different than them.

    If were are to assume that there are angels, then we have to assume we, too, have spirituality. That is the level, then, that a "spirit" would communicate on. But, in another sense, if you assume there are angels, then something must have created them, unless you want to buy in to some kind of spiritual evolution or something, like some new agers do. If we are to assume then, for sake of argument, that angels do exist, and that they also have a creator, we would have to assume that the same being created our spirituality, and, thus, everything that would come along with that, primarily meaning everything, at which point the creator would be called "god". And if this god were to create everything, he or she would have no chains to our rules, and thus be able to change them or go beyond them at anytime he/she so wishes. So, this god could command the angel to appear to deliver some kind of divine message, and then take whatever necessary steps he or she so chooses to keep that creature from being defined quantitatively.
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