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    Yes.. yes.. join the dark side.

    We have cookies... apparently.
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    Great read. :thumbsup:
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    Adulphozael slowly and steadily made his way through the ranks of a great gathering of lesser demons, waiting for the call of their master. Adulphozael had reason to believe this master of theirs had been the one who banished his soul into the abyss, 831 years ago.

    The demon had made camp for himself within a tent bearing a large, dark symbol Adulphozael could not identify. He took a peak inside and carefully stepped inside, there stood the leader, overlooking the scrolls he had laid out on the stone table.

    What!? Who's there? Show yourself!"
    "I am Adulphozael, maybe you'
    ve heard of me." He said in a dark and brooding tone of voice.
    "Adulphozael?! I.. I have never heard such a name in all my life!"
    "Lies! How dare you lie to the face of your demise!"

    A seemingly massive suit of armor appeared in front of the demon, bearing a short sword pointing directly at the unprotected throat of the demon commander. The demon could do nothing but gaze in silent fear into the burning red eyes of the assassin.

    "No... no... not you. I am but a simple captain, but I know what you seek." Adulphozael said nothing. The captain cleared his throat. "However, I do not know the location of the one you seek, nobody does. Not anymore. Therefore, you should have no need to harm me in an-"
    Before the wretched demon could say more, his gullet was instantly slit open, and his killer vanished. The demon fell forward, gargling, into a pool of his own blood.

    Several minutes later, while returning to his solitary lair, Adulphozael began to feel a sensation, similar to one he feels when he disappears. "What is this?!" He said in great confusion. He appeared in a massive hall, standing on a curious circle lined with strange runes and various symbols. It occurred to him he had been summoned, for unknown reasons. The great demon Namphiel stood before him, looking down on him.

    "What is thy bidding, my lord, Namphiel..."
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    Quote from "Nekrodrac" »

    Now let's embrace the awesomeness of the bucket

    Yes, lets. ^.^

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    Quote from "deathMars" »

    This isn't a society with responsibilities. It's a "the more experience you have, the more fun you can have" thing.

    Not really.. If a newcomer came along and started acting like a douchebag, I'm pretty sure it would be just as frowned upon as if a member who's been posting for a few years did the same thing. Just because you've been here a while it doesn't give you the 'right' to be a jackass.
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    I totally made this my profile picture.
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    For Gamecube:
    Tales of Symphonia
    Animal Crossing
    Super Smash Bros. Melee
    Mario Parties!

    Animal Crossing is such a fun game. :P

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I & II
    Star Wars: Jedi Knight series

    The Star Wars games were all for PC as well. I think.. Same with Halo.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    Champions of Norrath
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    Quote from "Nektu" »

    *let's one rip, it shakes the stool, the glasses on the bar, flies are falling out of the air dead.

    *walking half a mile away, heading for the tavern*

    ...What's that smell?


    Holy motherfucking shit! AAWwWW!! AAAUGH! AAAHHH!

    *collapses in the dirt, rain shower begins*
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    Quote from "Ivaron" »


    Sadly that's the only question I know the answer to right now :/

    Correct, that is a little bit sad. :P

    Quote from name="Pure Physics" »
    Can you pretend I put Berserker in my last post as Brick's Class?

    1C: I am totally making this up but lets guess that
    blue=jedi knight
    and yellow = jedi master

    You could've answered that question again, you know. :P

    And incorrect. Jedi Knight and Master are more ranks than classes. Initiate in the Star Wars universe would be Padawan, for Jedi's. They also don't correspond with the color of their sabers.

    Codeword: System
    See post #1 for directions on the codeword.

    Category 1: Star Wars (General)
    A.) -
    B.) When was the first Star Wars trilogy released?
    C.) A Jedi's "class" in indicated by his or her lightsaber's color. Or at least the first one they acquire. What are the names of the classes that correspond with a green, blue and yellow lightsaber? (Time of the Old Republic)

    Category 2: Chuck Norris (Facts trivia)
    A.) If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?
    B.) -
    C.) -

    Category 3: Borderlands
    A.) What's the name of your robot guide at the beginning of the game? (nickname)
    B.) What are the four characters and their classes?
    C.) -
    carambolage - 38
    Lestater - 31
    Shatterer - 26
    PhrozenDragon - 23
    Ivaron - 18
    ScyberDragon - 15
    Pure Physics - 13
    Junction3 - 12
    Zhar - 10
    Don_guillotine - 9
    Party_Foul - 2
    zhuge - 2
    Nyalite - 1
    Seth - 1
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    Quote from "skynight" »
    Nobody forget that my birthday is April 19th. I will want a cookie, and a party, and will want to stay up......

    Huh. My friend's birthday is on the same day.

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