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    Blizzard is really pushing Battle.net 2.0 and wants everything fully integrated.

    I don't see why accounts would work differently than in Starcraft II.
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    Yes, it's me.

    Here you go:

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    Dude, after your santa claus thread... I dunno.
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    Darkness, I agree with you 100%.
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    Georgia's a weak country, unless they get help from the U.S. or Europe, they won't be on the map for long. But European countries need oil from Russia, and the U.S. is hesitant to go against Russia. Other countries in the area are still somewhat connected with Russia, so it looks grim.
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    posted a message on Just because you pirated Photoshop doesn't mean you're a new Blizzard designer...
    Quote from "chaox" »
    What is with all the fan art where people just rip off existing Diablo concept art, change the color (usually to something absolutely horrible) and opacity and make a sig or (even worse) a large-scale image from it? Fan art, fans in general, is a cool idea. I'm glad to see people so wrapped up in the story and immersed in the game but...don't ruin it by making sub-par mockeries of it. I think D3 is already taking enough flak for its art direction and those are skilled, paid professionals. Can we possibly lay off the amount of D-filth polluting the net?

    Also, I looked at the guy who made the Tyrael 3d model. No, it isn't anywhere near professional quality, but if it were do you really think he'd be posting on this forum, or laughing at you guys from his modeling station at Blizzard HQ? At least he made it himself and didn't just plagiarize existing artwork.

    I know my signatures aren't professional, but it's the best I can do. Anyway, this is a thread that invites flame.
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    Allright, the Liverpool one could use a tad bit of work, just tell me if you want to keep it.

    The Samwise one came out pretty damn good.

    ~ Edit:

    Quote from "InvincibleEMP" »
    75h x 730w
    Boondocks (the cartoon)

    That's too big.
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    Thank you very much.
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