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    Okay, so I've dedicated a forum to making predictions. I'm going to gather all of the information from Diablo II storyline and see what we can conclude. This is of course, if Diablo III is a sequel. Some think it may be a Prequel, and I am one of those people. Anyway, so here it goes. Correct me if I'm wrong anywhere.

    At the end of Diablo the Warrior Class defeated Diablo. To prevent Diablo from ever returning again, he thrust the Soulstone into his head, attempting to cage Diablo's soul inside of him. After a while he started to lose control and Diablo overtook him.

    The Hero of Diablo II attempts to kill "The Wanderer." He encounters him outside Kurast but is unable to stop him. The Wanderer continues and Mephisto gives him his true and permanent form. The hero then continues and kills Mephisto, takes the Soulstone and destroys it at the Hellforge. The same happens to Diablo and Baal.

    After defeating Baal, Tyrael come and destroys the Worldstone. Before doing this he says: "... By destroying the Worldstone, demons will be able enter Sanctuary." This is a good argument that Diablo II will be a sequel and that there is hope for a Diablo III.

    Anyway, I know it's very basic but that's the main overview.
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