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    Isnt there a scripture also written at the mountain pass of thermo THat says somthing close to what Leonidas tells the spartan who goes back to sparta

    somthing about A stone lion was erected to commemorate Leonidas with the scripture reading "let every greek know what happened here on this day"


    Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by
    that here, by Spartan law, we lie.

    Or one of 20 different translations. All variations of this. Plus this ryhmes and sounds the coolest.
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    Yup. So like the title says, I'm another new member here. Although, I have been checking out this site for at least a couple of months now. Just wanted to introduce myself. I have played the original Diablo back when I was a little tyke, and then played DII and LOD through Junior high, and high school, and have got back into playing a little again. But now I mainly only play the Mod Eastern Sun, cuz it is improves on several aspects of the game.

    PS: I do not work for Blizzard. Nor do I know anyone who does. LOL!!!111!!one!!!eleven!!
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    Yeah, so this is my first post. I have been cruisin this site for a long while now, studying up on the DIII news. And since I loved 300, and noticed a few incorrect comments on the film, I needed to set some things straight about it. I gave it a 10/10.

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    The Battle of Thermopolis is a battle that I hold dear to me in my studies of war. I believe that i am a very knowledgeable person when it comes to present and past warfare. The movie 300 is a very awesome and impactful movie...though some of the facts and storyline did not meet up with most scholars. The Spartan warriors did not hold up the Persian Army at the North Gates as 300 depicted. The Battle of Thermopolis believed to be that the Spartans held up the Persian army outside their city gates. They held up the Persian force so well that after days of battles grew the Persians weak and disgusted of war. After the 6th day of the battle...the Persians withdrew their force and set sail back to their empire. There was no battle after the 300 Spartans engaged the Persian army. 300 showed that their was a secondary battle towards the end of the film with 23,000 Spartans/Greeks.

    Though i guess no one will excatly know what happened. Since this happened a few 1000 generations ago...no one will excatly know. Just some food for thought though. Great movie and it remains as one of my top 3 along with the other great movies.

    For one, it was called the Battle of Thermopylae, and I think you must have missed that day in school, because the movie portrays it very accurately.

    First point. The battle took place in a narrow mountain pass, that was the pass of Thermopylae, at the East Gate. It was nowhere near Sparta. The battle was over 100 miles north of Sparta. It was about 20 miles north of Delphi!! If you look at any map, you can tell that Sparta is nowhere near Delphi.

    Next, the battle was only 3 days. Not 6.

    Finally, there was another battle after Thermopylae. There were actually two, one a naval battle, and another massive ground battle. It was called the Battle of Plataea. They even say that in the movie. "Here on this rugged patch called Plataea..." Which was a little less than a year after Thermopylae, and they say that in the film too. That battle had about 40,000 Greeks. 10,000 of which were Spartan soldiers. Also figures stated in the film.

    And this information was passed down by ancient scholars until it reached Herodotus, who wrote the full story about the Persian war.

    Overall, the spartans, along with about 6,000 other Greeks, defeated over 150,000 Persians. This movie was so accurate, that they used lines in the film that were actually spoken by the Spartans. "Come and get them!"(Leonidas) and "So much the better, we shall fight in the shade" (Dienekes)and "Spartan, come back with your shield or on it." (Spartan women say this to their husbands leaving for war)

    The only inaccuracy was that Spartans actually had slaves, but that was the only way for the Spartans to maintain a military society the way it was.

    An inaccurate film HA!! This was probably the most accurate historical film ever made!
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