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    Just for you. :D
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    Ok, you'd better read this when you get back!

    This is Phrozen's theory: The -resists are only reduced to 1/5 while the moster is immune.

    So this is how it is:

    Monster's resists: ------- Player's -resists:--------Explanation:
    (-00%)110%------------- (-00%)100%-----------Base numbers
    (-10%)100%------------- (-50%)50%------------Remember, it take 5% -resists to =1% resists
    (-01%)099%------------- (-05%)45%------------Remember, 100% is still immune! Thus, 5%=1%
    (-45%)054%------------- (-45%)00%------------Now that they are not immune, 1%=1%
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    And the pic comes again. Not as good the second time I see it.
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