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    If there is one thing I would definitely like to see changed/added to Diablo2 and Diablo3 it would be:

    1. Potions should require time to use depending on their benefits: minor healing/mana potions should require .4 seconds (can't do anything else when using - not even move) of being able to do nothing. This would prevent people from using like 6 superior mana potions at one time to power up their energy shield during duels, where healing/mana potions would require 1.2 seconds, where superior would require a 2 seconds to use. Rejuvs would require .6 seconds, and full rejuvs would require 1.6 seconds to use.

    2. If you don't do that, then please prevent use of potions while hostile to another player.

    Also potions cannot affect someone currently being affected by another potion.
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    Quote from Hybrid »

    As for your DLL solution: Doesn't work. A game doesn't register keyboard strokes when you are playing online. It is registered using packets. Only on your side does it reconize key strokes. A DLL would not matter.

    And duping: There is no way to fix this on Open Battle Net. The items that your character has is saved in your .D2 file. The item I.D. is easily changed when you dupe on your character. The program is actually hex editing the item when it is duped, so that Diablo does not reconize it as a dupe.

    That duping issue is why sometimes when you would hack on Diablo 2, you would go to play your character and it pops up with "Bad Inventory Data" when you went to enter an actual game.

    These are problems with every game online, always will be there. There is no way to 100% fix a game. Only prevent it. Like water proof. There is never anything that is water proof, only resistant. Think of hackers like water.

    Wait you misunderstand me. I said make it so that the game does register key strokes before it will pass a network packet to the server. If the game doesn't get the command originating from a mouse or keyboard action, it won't do anything. Program can be programmed to know if it is the keyboard telling the game or another program telling the game to do something. I know, I have a little C++ program that knows the difference when I am running another program inside it, and its fast. Don't see why they can't do it with Diablo2.

    If they implemented this, they could tell if some program is trying to tell their software to do something. For someone to get around this, they would need to make a highly expensive device to mimc this type(s) of input through the actual input ports. Most Hackers would find it a waste of time, and the cost of such a hardward device outweighs its worth.

    This would also identify dupe programs, and almost all the hacks. It is possible, very possible. And this is done in the DLL structures.
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    I vote neither. I think they should have the Players try to overthrow both and remove Heaven and Hell to replace with Science. :D
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    Personally. I hate all the items they have on the game right now. Items seem to make the guy, not the characters.

    However, I do like the categories of items like NORMAL, EXCEPTIONAL, and ELITE. However there should be a big differance between them. If it was my choice, I would make Normal Weapons the fastest ones that do the least amount of damage and get the worst modifiers when magic, rare, or crafted. And ELITE items be the slowest ones but get best modifiers and damage. In addition NORMAL items should be limited to 1, EXCEPTION up-to 2, and ELITE up-to 4 modifiers. Rare items add 1 additional modifier. Unique items add 2 additional modifiers. Set Items would get what Rares get, plus 1 additional ability per item worn. All Set Items come in sets of four, but have no Amulet or Rings.

    I would like to see Spiked (all versions) Shields be able to have Enhanced Damage instead of Enhanced Defense when superior.

    I would like to see items made for classes be the only ones able to have +2 skills to that specific class. And items for noly a specific calss be able to have up-to +2 in a specific skill. I would like to see only +1 to a specific skill tab (Elemental Druid Skills) be the best +1 skills in the game for non-class specific items (like armor, rings, ammys, boots, etc.).

    I would like to have the cube in Diablo3 but allow people to personalize craft items by using formulas to get a specific ability, or remove an ability from an item that exists on any magical, rare, or unique item (ie. Want to get +3-5% Life Leech on a ring then use Eth Rune + Ruby + 3 Scrolls of Identify in Cube and it will add 3-5% life leech or remove Life Leech already on item). There should be a way to shift items from one category to the next (both up and down).

    I would like to see Set Items be the best items in the game when all of it is worn. That means that no matter what combination of items you were of the same categories (ie. Aldur's could not be beat by any Helm, Armor, Weapon, and Boot combination).

    I would like Absorb, Stun, Slow, and Knockback to be removed, but if you keep them make such an ability cost 3 modifiers on the item (not available on runes too), or be on high level skills only (not on Smite for instance). I would like to give more Magic and Damage Reduction points (than +7) if you keeping damage high.

    Don't allow items to give automatic skills (Aura items), rather let them have skills anyone can use (Aura would be a skill that is used by anyone just as a Paladin would). Thus Doom would give +2 Holy Freeze Aura but would require the character to put it on his casting selector.

    Runes should always be better than jewels for modifiers and contain up-to two modifiers with abilities randomly determined (adds 3-5 damage, randomly determined; thus could be +4 on Eth or +5 on Eth). No rare jewels. Let Rune Words improve abilities listed for runes plus add one additional ability for every two runes used in rune word.

    Lastly, although not an item, I would like to see when you switch item set-ups (currently using "W" button) that it takes 3 seconds to do so and deactivate all active skills (thus if you do Battle Orders then switch weapons you lose Battle Orders, or an Assassin changing set-up would lose all their traps). During the 3 seconds, you cannot do anything but move items to/from inventory or stash to character stash/wear. This change affect applies to when someone removes an item or puts another one on.
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    Oops, forgot. Slow is an ultra cold effect that can be reduced by items reducing cold duration and resistances (thus 75% resistance reduces slow percent by 75% -- usually negating it). Do not allow ignore cold affect items. To get that you need to get items that add up all their cold duration reduction percentage to 100 or more percent.

    Oh Sorc Masteries should reduce resistances by 8% per skill level instead of what they do (maximum of -100%). Sorc Telekinesis should do more physical damage, like SLVx2 to SLVx3 damage per skill level (SLV1 does 2-3, SLV2 does 6-9, SLV3 does 12-18, SLV 4 does 20-30, etc.).

    Oh and allow up-to 100% resistances (immunities). Think its fair and will make people not focus on one type of attack. Thus sorcs using only fire would be worthless against someone with massive fire resistance, and thus single attack sorc (lightning sorcs, blizzard sorcs) will be levied. After all, if someone was actually playing the game -- not just PvP character, they wouldn't get very high level without having one or two different attack damage types.
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    Additional things I would do.

    1. Require Stamina to Attack. Each attack costs Stamina which increase as you have more skill levels. Casting a LV1 Blizzard costs less Stamina than casting LV12 Blizzard. When you run out of Stamina you cannot move or attack. Stun affect would be replace with Stamina Drain affect. Thus Smite would take off stamina from an opponent instead of Stun. This will make more people use walk than run. Item weight should affect Stamina loss, but also give better defense as it gets heavier (light armor should give defense no more than 40% of what heavy armor would give).

    2. Items cannot give a skill more skill levels than half the skill levels put into the skill by the Player (round down). However you always get +1 skill bonus to skill at the minimum. Thus a skill with a skill level 1 gains +1 benefit, a skill level 2 gains +2 (+1 base plus +1 for having two skill levels), and a skill level 4 gains full benefits from three +1 GC.

    3. Items cannot give bonuses more than what an attribute can give. For example: Items cannot raise attack rating higher than what is gained from Dexterity, or Items cannot raise damage of melee attacks more than what Strength can give, or raising an attribute cannot exceed what the attribute score actually is (thus having 80 strength means total strength gained by items is 80 -- even if all items give you 220 Strength). Don't allow +1 Skill Tab Charms (or both unique charms currently available). GCs would give a +1 in a specific skill (Like Blizzard, Teleport, Fissure, Huricane, etc) that would be usable by any character. Do not let items give auras automatically, rather allow them to give +1 to the skill instead (requires Player to use like a Paladin does normally).

    4. Oh one more thing. Skills that do damage of a non-physical nature (elemental or magic or poison) should be balanced to allow melee people a chance to attack the "caster". So use no frames (faster casting rate does not jump you into a new "frame" at a certain percent). Why? Because it causes massive stress on all computers and networks involved in the game. Someone able to "break the frame" will cause affects such as Desyncing and "jumping/run tele" on the screen to people in slower frames. This in return gives those individual an "additional" benefit that is too advantagous.

    5. I stand firm with the other suggestions I listed above about how skills should be. If you add these to it, it would make for a great game. The game would be balanced removing things like strength glitch. Instead those using strength glitch would get penalized severly for not having enough strength.
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    posted a message on Dueling
    Things I would change:

    1. Don't drop money if you have one or more bodies on the ground. And when you do drop gold for dieing to another person make it as much as the difference between experience levels (minimum of 0). Which means a LV99 gets no gold killing lvl 9s or 49s, but will lose gold if killed by someone below their level.

    2. Make someone without a body a "ghost" allowing them to return to get their body, but be unable to do any attacks for 5 seconds after getting their body. Until the person is able to attack, they cannot be attacked by another Player or his/her minions.

    3. Limit minions. That's right. Limit number of minions to 1 per person in the game. When someone hostiles you, the number is rechecked.

    4. Give a 5 second, cannot touch me and I cannot touch you, after leaving town. That way if you want to set up you can.

    5. Set a 6 second casting delay when charging. That's right, no more desyncing hammerdins if they do this.

    6. Never allow an attack to go invisble and any attack going outside the range of view of the character. If an attack is invisble or outside the view range of the character, it should be removed. That's right sending 7 bone spirits then teleporting away shouldn't be allowed. You want to use them, then use them on people you can see.

    7. Guided arrows should only be guided if amazon clicks on person to attack. Running away and firing infront of you should not allow guided arrows to go back on a melee guy following amazon.

    8. Put a .3 second delay when running from standing still, as well as standing still after running, before you an cast or attack (charge is exception to this rule). This prevents runners and allows melee characters a more fair deal.

    9. Remove all auras from items that give auras when worn. Instead allow any character to use the aura as a paladin does. Example: Doom would give +12 Holy Freeze skill usable by anyone (+3 for Paladins to their Holy Freeze skill).

    10. Smite should require an attack roll to hit, or remove any additional damage bonuses it gets from equipment (only from base damage of shield, skills, and synergies). Smite should not have stun and have an attack speed of 20% minus 1% per skill level.

    11. Give Druid Werewolf and Werebear forms +3% faster run/walk speed per skill level while in werewolf/werebear forms. And have the base attack speed in these forms be -10% Werewolf and -30% Werebear, or remove the limitation they have for attack speed only retrieved from their weapon and auras.

    12. Allow Heart of Wolverine to affect all attacks with physical damage (Tornado, Twister, etc.). Give it +1% increased attack speed also per SLV (max at +30% IAS).

    13. I would, as a nicety: Give Druids "Blizzard" and "Thunderstorm". Give Sorcs Armegedon and Molten Boulder, but make Twister called "Molten Men" which is an earth elemental minion (like revive) that stays around for a duration and is quick and defensive (gets 5% to all normal resistances [max of 75%] and +5% magical resistance [max of 75%], plus 75 defense points per skill level, up-to 3 at any given time).

    14. Make Teleport have a 4 second casting delay. Make Wirlwind have a 4 second casting delay. Make traps have a duration (like 12 seconds) and cost twice their listed cost in mana.

    15. Use stamina more, like requiring stamina in attacks -- no stamina, no attack. Make attacking with heavy equipment or larger weapons cost more stamina but be faster than smaller weapons. Require more stamina for faster weapons. Reduce Holy Shield bonus to +1% shield block and +20 defense per SLV. Barb shout (one that gives defense) reduce it to +30 defense per SLV. Replace avoid, dodge, evade with Defense bonuses (like Dodge giving +3% Defense per SLV) instead. Remove shield block because defense of shield should represent that.

    16. Druid Elemental Skill Changes

    Firestorm -> Fissue -> Volcano

    Twister -> Tornado
    | +---------------> Huricane
    | | |
    +-> Thunderstorm + |
    | |
    Lightning + |
    Artic Blast -> Blizzard ------+

    - no Synergies

    - Gets +12% Fire Damage and duration increases by .2 per Firestorm SLV

    - Gets +18% Fire Damage per Firestorm SLV
    - Gets +6% Physical Damage .3 duration increase per Fissure SLV

    Twister (no casting delay)
    - Does (9+SLV) to (15+SLV) per SLV (SLV1 does 10-16, SLV3 does 32-51)
    - No Synergies

    Tornado (1 second casting delay)
    - Increase current base Torando damage by 50%
    - Tornado speed increased by 2% per SLV
    - +12% Physical Damage per Twister SLV

    Lightning (2 second casting delay)
    - Like Foh without Hoy Bolts
    - Does (SLVx3) to (SLVx4) Electrical Damage per SLV (SLV1 does 3-4, SLV3 does 18-24)

    Thunderstorm (no casting delay, may cast in town)
    - Autocasts Lightning (Mana cost still paid for automatically) once per 3 seconds reduced by .1 seconds per skill level (minimum of .1 seconds)
    - +12% Lightning Damage per Lightning SLV
    - Duration increased by .3 seconds per Twister SLV

    Artic Blast (no casting dealy)
    - No Synergies

    Blizzard (3 second casting delay)
    - Does 12+(SLVx2) to 24+(SLVx2) Cold Damage and Slows by 5% per SLV
    - +12% Cold Skill Damage per Artic Blast SLV
    - Duration increased by .4 seconds per Twister SLV

    - Does 16+(SLVx3) to 32+(SLVx3) Cold Damage every 3 second reduced by .1 seconds per skill level (minimum of .3 seconds). This has a "slow missile" affect to all enemy projectiles in the hurricane for 3 seconds. Cannot be "slow missiled".
    - Radius increases by 1 yard and Duration increased by 3 seconds per Blizzard SLV
    - +18% Cold Damage per Artic Blast SLV
    - increase duration of "Slow" on projects and "slowed" enemies by 1 second per Lightning SLV
    - Adds 3-9 Base Physical and 3-9 Base Cold Damage per Twister SLV
    - Adds 6-18 Base Physical Damage and slows enemies in blizzard for 8 seconds by 3% per Tornado SLV
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    posted a message on Duplacating items????????
    Maphack and Bots,

    Both suck terds. BNET isn't like single player mode. World layouts change because games aren't permanently stored like they are in single player mode. Say you use maphack, it shows you were the monsters are -- even if the game doesn't show you it (like behind a closed door). When you add teleport to the ability to instantly see the entire map and see it at a range normally not visible to your character (light radius), then you are being unfair in all aspects. And if you are on one of my games, I'll remove your character using my NPS (see above posting). I hate hack users and my main goal is to remove them from the game or make it so they waste tons of time rebuilding and regathering everything. I run a list on my program too, so once you are tagged on that account, you will always be "lagged out", "5 minute ban", and "deleted" from bnet. So far I have 4 account IDs on my list.

    As for bots. A Bot is nothing more than writing some program to have it move your mouse and click your mouse keys. It makes it unfair to those playing the game legitmently because they are mainly used for 3 purposes: quickly level a guy without you using the guy, magic find, and display those annoying advertisements for websites selling serves to get diablo2 items for someone (selling BNET diablo2 items basically).

    Personally I think BNET should configure their server to check to see if a command to do something with a character (one of the game guys) is generated from the actual mouse and/or keyboard, and delete (yes I said DELETE) all accounts (yes I said ALL ACCOUNTS that were accessed by that CD Key ever) tied to the CD Key that is doing it, and ban the CD Key awaiting an e-mail response from the person as to why they should be allow to reuse their CD Key on BNET.

    By doing that it does two great things. One, it reduces server storage usage. Two, those people are usually the ones who use hacks, bugged items, or run those selling websites. Three, less accounts with bugs means better server performance with less lagging.

    If everyone didn't know, BNET servers lag when people using bugged items. It corrupts BNET server memory sectors which eventually forces certain BNET servers to have to be rebooted.
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    posted a message on Duplacating items????????
    Duping. You really want to know how the experts dupe? Its actually easy. Write a C++ object oriented program that uses the diablo2 LOD DLLs which generate the items by sending a command packet to a BNET server containing the action the BNET server needs to do. This is undetectable, BNET is too stupid not to check I guess, as of now. But this is how those "experts" do it.

    I'll break it down a little first. First, everything in Diablo2 is action driven. What that means is that the diablo2 program is reactionary and will do something when told something happens. Like create item when monster killed. Learn how to tell the server that you killed a monster with 1000 mf and the monster you killed is say hell baal, and you got yourself a way to produce tons of unique/rare items. All perm because server is the one that is telling the DLLs to do it).

    Duping takes it one step further. By writing the C++ program and using the objects stored in the Diablo2 LOD DLLs to do the work, you can make the game think you are "picking up an item' off the ground that is in your inventory and repeat 38 times.

    Why are dupes unperm? Because dupes created this way don't have an item id tag that is generated when the server actually does the request. Diablo2 then doesn't automatically remove the item, but puts it in the temporary status (unperm). Personally I think BNET wants unperm dupes because I think they think it makes people want to play their game more because of people being able to trade for items and such. Personally BNET, these issues are EASY fixes (I'm a great C++ programmer in DLLs). Fix is easy, just adjust your DLLs to check if the server is generating them. If it is not, don't use it. Most People cannot write a program to fake the OS into saying one program is another. Most OS aren't that easy to fool.

    Oh "heads up", I wrote my own Network Packet Sniffer (NPS) that looks at network packets being sent to and from the server I'm connected. Each packet is unencrypt using the unencrypt function found in their DLLs whenever another person dies, enters, or leaves the game. This is not a hack program. A hack program requires changing of the original program. No this is a network packet sniffer which is not current illegal according to BNET online playing aggreement I read. Since my program isn't changing the way the BNET servers work, it isn't hacking.

    Wonder what I use it for? I use it to teach mean and evil people a lesson. People who townguard and naked kill (NK) people just to get their gold to repair an item or gamble with it. For these people I sell their items off, and leave the gold in their stash (as much that will fit) so they always have plenty of gold to "repair" new stuff or gamble with.

    I also use it when I find another person using a hack program which is way easy to identify. For those people they lose their entire account. When I am on, they will lag out for a second, be unable to reenter for 5 minutes, then find out their account has been deleted from BNET. This is borderline hacking, maybe. But these people so deserve it.

    And these people doing these things is the reason why I wrote this program in the first place. To take out all those types of people who "ruin" the game for others like myself.

    I don't mind telling you this because this is all I use it for. I hate jerks and hack users who use it to get an unfair advantage, and if BNET won't stop them, and I know I have reported plenty of them to them, then I will. I like to play Diablo2 to find new items or runes legitmentally to create rune words. I never trade, and only use what I find that way I know they are 100% legit. I think people ruin the game when they use hacks, dupes, and such.

    Oh my guys suck in the game, I won't say otherwise. I hear it all the time. They are not even near as good as some I have seen, but I love to play them none the less. I love their look, their abilities, and their kick buttness in the game. I have seen the PvP characters that kill other players but can't kill a monster because it has immunity to their one type of attack which is all they use. It makes me laugh.

    But it makes you wonder how did they get up there. Because other people, their friends, rushed them to it. That's why I think BNET should just not allow someone already completed a difficulty to return to that difficulty period. This would kill grushes (a guy below lvl 20 teamed up with someone able to finish the baal quest, but gets the baal quest even if they haven't done the ancients quest). I would jump up and down with glee.

    I've seen people I helped out come back and nk me without giving it second thought. That's why now I laugh at someone when he/she crys "HELP ME PLEASE" or "DO YOU HAVE ANY WAY POINTS I CAN HAVE". I always tell them "FIND IT YOURSELF" or "IF YOU CAN'T GET THERE ON YOUR OWN YOU ARE NOT READY TO FIGHT HER/HIM AND MOVE ON".

    Hope this answers your question. :D

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    posted a message on New Char Ideas Quik
    Oh, wanted to add the following class:

    Conjurer: A wizard able to create things. Like temporary armor, weapons, auras, stop arrows mid flight, etc.

    Also each of the classes I listed in both posting should have one major weapon as part of their base skills and one minor weapon (recieves half bonuses main weapon has). A major weapon requiring two hands gets more bonus than one requiring one hand (50% more). Same with a minor weapon. Also all characters have one of their skill tabs the same as all other classes except for primary/secondary weapon skills on it. Allow all characters to raise skills to raise attack rating, defense rating, attack speed, run/walk speed, overall resistances, maximum resistances, life restoration, mana restoration, casting speed, and hit recovery speed.
    Other two skill tabs would have cool skill not relating to those listed here or affect those listed here as synergies either.

    All traps are localized (no Lightning Sentry, for example).

    Oh also, all skills doing damage (like Frozen Orb) will affect the caster as well if caster enters the area of effect. So using Fissure, Blizzard, Meteor, etc. on yourself will affect you as well. Skills should not be allowed to be used by other classes (like Knight using Teleport). Prevents overpowering and keeps class stereotyping in place.

    Examples of Skill changes:

    Knight would get Smite (Shield Bash) that would be available to use at Experience Level 1 doing 1-2 damage per skill level and 5% knockback of 1 yard per skill level. Shield is used as a weapon. Requires an attack roll.

    Knight would get Critical Strike that would be able to be used at Experience Level 6 that would add 10% enhanced damage per skill level when used as an attack. This modifier is applied after all modifiers are applied.

    Rouge would get pit trap that would be available to use at Experience Level 6 doing 1-2 damage per skill level and preventing movement or person being affected by Pit Trap to be attacked by anyone not within 1 yard of them. Person affected cannot or be attacked by opponent unless they have a attack with a 3 yard reach (polearm or ranged attack), and all damage by those attacks do half damage. Person affected can teleport out of Pit Trap of course.
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    posted a message on New Char Ideas Quik
    I think the "evil" or "dark" characters should be removed, such as Necromancer. The purpose of all Diablo's storyline is the Hero (Good Guy, emphasis on "Good"). I definitely think they should consider balance between all characters if they allow.

    Allow both male and female versions of the characters.

    I like the following character types:

    Barbarian (Amazon is Female Version) - Focus on savage melee combat
    Knight - Replaces Paladin, focuses on structured melee combat
    Shaman - Replaces Druid, Master of the Forces of Nature
    Sorceress/Sorcerer - Master of Elements of Fire, Cold, and Lightning
    Rouge - Replaces Assassin, Master of Traps and Deception
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    posted a message on Would you pay to play Diablo III?
    I would not pay to play Diablo3. Mainly because, even if good, the game is always full of bugs and drops -- plus no promises of recovery of any sort. At least when free it wouldn't cost much to start over again when you lose equipment while transferring because their server dies.

    Personally I think Blizzard doesn't purposely fix the dupe and bot problems. Having programming experience, the bot problem is an easy fix to do. Simply build into the command DLL to check if the command comes from the Keyboard/Mouse or from another program and flag the account (and all accounts that CD Key has used - a simple query of their login database) to be unusable/deleted by BNET. Require players to email from their email account with a justification and listing their account(s). Those not justified should be deleted.

    As for the dupe problem, what I would do is simply remove any item that has all the same properties (includes defense, type, actual mods on item, etc.) from any character when they log on. Shutdown all, ALL, the servers for 24 hours and do this. Of course send an email to all registered accounts anouncing this first. It is statistically improbable to have items with all the same properties. Yes, even remove items from people who have "legit" items, because I do think most people would be okay with that if they know its fixing the dupe problem. I would even remove all runes, gems, potions, and gold from all characters. Then upload a fix that would check to see if a character "adds" an item not currently listed in the game. This will be done whenever an item is added to their inventory, or while they are in their inventory view. Any accounting gaining a "unlisted" (duped) item would be flagged for review by BNET.

    Also add to the above check anytime an item is traded or moved that it's properties are within listed specifics for the item. This will prevent bugged items due to a server crashing or otherwise. Item's bugged will be removed with an automatic e-mail sent to the registered email account allowing the person to send back justifying why they should get a replacement for the item removed.

    Also, have the game check to see if the DLLs of the game have changed when the player first starts the game and when the game stops. Also allow players to hit a button that will check all DLLs on all players in that game if it is correct. Such checks would only stop the game for maybe 20 seconds. However players could only do this once until a new player arrives in the game.

    In addition, if a Player kills another Player, have no gold drop and the body appear in town. Or anyone killing someone with one or more bodies in play will loses 1% of their experience that they had when they first came into the game.
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    posted a message on diablo 3 my story line
    Just add on to my previous comments.

    Oh might consider having a side quest to save the soul of Tal Rasha by beating him in battle. Thus allowing him to be a merc to fight by your side (he would wear his set items of course).
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    posted a message on diablo 3 my story line
    My storyline is easy:

    Tyrael destroys the worldstone three times sealing the prime evils into one vessel that is placed asleep, but Tyrael is attacked by Az and Tal Rasha (who hates Good now because of being tainted by Evil) during the process. Tyrael is weakened and unable to complete the process without sacrificing himself and thus does so. But his essence isn't enough to form a perfect seal, and thus 13 "bosses" are released into randomly locations in the world (13 towns available at beginning of game way WP between them that costs 1500 Gold to use). These 13 "bosses" will begin experimenting with their skill tabs and learning quickly their abilities to prepare for their travels (game will randomly determine their progression). These 13 bosses will get one skill tab the Characters can use and will learn to master it.

    The Characters must find and defeat the bosses before they master their skills and seek their others. For when two bosses meet and touch they will fuse together to form a more powerful version of both combined (double power, resistances, life, mana, and all skills from both tabs and understandings of using both seperate and together). Should all 13 meet, the Characters fail and evil conquers the world. All Evil needs is for Good to do nothing. Only 9 of these Evils are needed to release the seal and three Arch Fiends. Each Arch Fiend will "absorb" one-third of the bosses abilities and knowledge adding it to their own (including the AI to use all the skill tabs).

    Allow the Trator Angel in Diablo2 to aid the Characters after realizing his error and ultimately replacing Tyrael as Arch Angel. This would happen when 4 bosses have joined. That angel could be a merc you could hire in addition to the other merc you may have. However he would disappear while a Character hostiles another Character (and be required to repurchase, 100K Gold).
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    posted a message on Characters
    I personally like diablo's original concept.

    No specific character type.

    Every character should begin with the ability to have 3 skill tabs (as it is in Diablo 2, like Druid Elemental Skills), but only have 1 skill tab active at creation (all characters have the same skill tab - BASIC). Synergies should be limited to 4 skill levels for every Character Level Step [6, 12, 18, 24, 40] the skill getting synergy can be obtained (Parry would get a limit of 4 synergy skill levels). Any character should be able to use any weapon, armor, or item. His equipment and skill choices should define what they are.

    Oh no other skill tab should effect BASIC Skill tab in any way. Thus COMBAT Skill Tab may give specific bonuses to certain Weapon Groups, but will not give % improvement to BASIC skills. There should never be "duplicate" skills, like another "Shield Block" skill named something else but doing basically the same thing in another Skill Tab. All other Skill Tabs should always have 12 skills. Also other Skill Tabs should not have "overlapping" names.


    Smite (Character LV1) - A shield bash that has a casting delay of 2 seconds. Although considered a casting skill, it is melee in all other aspects. It requires an attack roll and damage based on shield using. It gains no benefit from any increased attack speed. Each skill point in it would increase its attack rating.

    Dodge (Character LV1) - A basic defense negating the use of shield, but becomes a Defense Bonus multiplier for Defense Bonus gained through Dexterity. Only usable when running/walking and when used with instantly stop the run/walk movement and not allow an attack, Parry, or Block.

    Parry (Character LV6) - A weapon defense skill effective with Block. This skill adds defense of 5 points per skill level, and adds +1% faster hit recovery per skill point when used. Also it causes 1 durability damage per skill point in skill, or 1/10 durability damage per 10 skill points in this to any indestructible weapon used toward you. Each weapon gives Parry bonuses (So 2 weapons gives Parry Skill Bonuses for each).

    SYNERGY: Dodge gives Parry +1 Defense for every 3 Skill Levels

    Block (Character LV6) - A shield is effective defense, especially with this skill. This skill increases the maximum defense a shield can give by 20 points per skill point up-to double the shield's defensive rating. All shields can give up-to 50 defense points without this skill. This replaces the shield block used in Diablo2. Each skill point also gives +5% faster hit recovery when using the shield.

    SYNERGY: Dodge gives Parry +1 Defense for every 2 Skill Levels

    <Weapon Group> (Character LV12) - A randomly chosen weapon group that ould get +5 attack rating, +1 damage, +1% increased attack speed per skill point. This is considered a Secondary Weapon Skill.

    <Weapon Group> (Character LV24) - A randomly chosen weapon group (all weapon groups have equal number of weapons) that would get +10 attack rating, +2 damage, +2% increased attack speed, and +1% faster hit recovery per skill point. Also it causes 1 durability damage per 5 skill points in skill, or 1/10 durability damage per 20 skill points in this to any indestructible item hit by the weapon. This is considered the Primary Weapon Skill.

    Evade (Character LV24) - By standing and fight a warriror got good at avoiding incoming attacks by moving their body. This skill reflects that by increasing defense rating by 10 per skill point. This has no impact upon other skills and is usable with Weapon Skill, Casting Skill, Parry, Block, or both.

    DODGE: Gives +1 Defense Rating per every skill level

    Two Weapon Style (Character LV24) - Anyone can use two weapons with a based of -80% increased attack speed, -55% damage, and -100% Faster Hit Recovery. Every skill point in this skill increases, up-to 0%, attack speed by 8%, damage by 5%, and faster hit recovery by 10% when using two weapons at the same time. Anyone should be able to use any weapon.

    Mobility (Character LV30) - Able to increase movement by 5% and faster hit recovery by 1% per skill point. This skill reflects the training of athletics every good warrior learns to improve their physical body.

    Meditation (Character LV30) - Able to increase the mana regeneration by 5%, and life regeneration by 1% per skill point. This skill is an "Aura" skill that restores one-tenth of the amount every .1 seconds. This skill prevents movement or use of any other skill while doing it and will display you in a sitting position. Lastly it will reduce your Defense based only on what you wear (Dexterity and Skills will not be considered).
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