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    posted a message on Diablo3.com becomes Diablofans.com! Blizzard acquires diablo3.com.
    guys i am so damn happy blizz is at least making a move in a diablo 3 way cause frankly we need it we need a new bad ass game to take the rest of my life away like diablo 2 , but with 3 in front of it
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    posted a message on Blizzard to Announce Starcraft MMO

    thats right people , cant wait to try it , so bored of Eve online andbeen burnt out on WoW sense i got my rogue to top tier in lvl 70

    on a side note does any one intend to play hellgate london , its all blizzard people from diablo 2 that will be making a diablo 2 like game which what seems to me what d3 would be like , as long as theres pvp i havnt found any info on that yet
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    posted a message on Diablo3 : MMORPG? or RPG
    i swear i never been so excited for a game till this , i mean i was a fucking huge d1 and d2 player and i played EQ and EQ2 was such a let down , i want d2 to be a RPG or something like guild wars but fucking harder GW was so damn ez to do it was gay it needs to be hard like d2 can be on that 90-99 grind
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    posted a message on What would you risk/do for the first copy of Diablo 3?
    lets see , i would start with selling my 60 hunter in full tier 2 and some of the new AQ armors and weapons
    that includes my shammy and druid and rogue all 60 for as much as i could get for it

    sell my other accounts like my SWG jedi's and my ebay account would sell for good cash

    i would be willing to spend around 200 bucks for a copy 1 month in advance of playing no whips what so ever
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