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    posted a message on Favorite Female Monk Art, Diablofans Style
    For what reason would male monks need to shave their heads that wouldn't apply to females?
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    posted a message on Monk Dosn't look badass enough
    Quote from "italofoca" »
    Because no beard = girly.
    Men must have hair coming out from every single place in his body. Thats a manhood law.
    Cultural inconsistencies never cease to puzzle me.

    Men: To be hairier is always manlier, except when it grows from your scalp, where it must be kept as short as possible. Extra points for a bald scalp, especially if you're black. If it passes your eartips, you're a fag or a hippie.

    Women: To be less hairy is always more ladylike, except when it grows from your scalp, where if it does not pass your earlobes, you're a dyke. If you're bald, you're a hideous, sexless alien thing with cancer and AIDS. Women cannot be judged to be hippies by appearance, only by diet.
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    posted a message on A Possible 5th I haven't Seen Mentioned
    Other possibilities:

    • Pirate
    • Zombie
    • Nazi
    • Robot
    • Alien
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    posted a message on The Beardless Monk
    I'm very sorry, but you had to know this was coming.

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    posted a message on Female Monk Update
    Quote from "Hans" »
    Who says the monks have to come from the same region. I think the monk is more based on religion.
    Of course, I'm just wondering if this means that their order is that widespread. Everything in Sanctuary has been really culturally insular, so far, each region being quite independent of the others. A worldwide religious order would be quite a new achievement.

    I wasn't trying to make an issue of it, though, I just find it curious.
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    posted a message on The new and improved Tomb Viper
    I hadn't the slightest idea that Brom was involved with the art team. Very classic. Though I haven't seen his work in a game since Vanguard.
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    posted a message on Female Monk Update
    I find it strange that she appears to hail from different climes than her male counterpart, with her fair(ish) skin, blond hair and Nordic craniofacial morphology. Do they not both hail from any single monastic order, or if so, is it Sanctuary-wide?
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    posted a message on The Lighter Side - Storms and Fingers
    Whatever its traditional usage in prominent religions, monk is not etymologically masculine. It simply means 'solitary.'
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    posted a message on Blizzard Launches Monk Art Challenge
    Quote from "Quze" »
    the most pics i see here are dudes with big tits lol!
    C'mon guys a bit curves ok but.. dudes on steriods with tits..sjiizz
    Can't say I've seen any 'dudes' except in jest.

    Do you mean in this thread or the contest in general?
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    posted a message on SFX on Spells to See Upgrade
    I think the spells are fine, really, but that doesn't mean I can't think of any ways they might be improved, so I'll just dump my thoughts:

    Spectral Blade

    I really think something ought to be done to give it more depth. It currently looks less like the slashes are penetrating the enemies and more like they're being projected on the ground or floor, to me.

    Magic Missile

    I like when 'raw magic' is purple. It always seems a poetic pairing: magic doesn't exist, and neither does purple. I also like the plasma-like behavior of Magic Missile. Like tiny coronal mass ejections.

    What I don't like about Magic Missile is how it sounds. It sounds like a large spring launching water balloons or something. It gives the impression that these projectiles are liquid, even gooey, and I doubt that is the intention....

    Wave of Force

    If only it was a distortion effect without the cyan glow?or just a fainter one, anyway.


    It looks and sounds very technological, so perfectly straight with that high-frequency whine?a time-honored sci-fi representation of death-rays of all kinds.

    Without changing the beam mechanic of it, perhaps if the core of the beam were transparent, it may seem stranger. Alternatively, Diablo's Red Lightning Hose from Diablo II comes to mind.

    Whatever the case, I think changing the sound is most important. Anything that sounds less like a dental drill, yes?

    Slow Time

    I think it would come across better if it wobbled and flexed a bit, or if a faint 'smokey tendril' effect moved around inside it?some kind of chaotic element to disturb its uniformity.

    Arcane Torrent

    Yanking rocks out of space to come crashing down on one's enemies seems really out of place amidst all the other spells in the Arcane tree, doesn't it? There has to be a better way to visualize a high-tier targeted AE that's more congruent with what seems to be the concept of this tree.


    The arcs look a hell of a lot more powerful than they sound. Anyone ever heard an arc like that? Serious business.



    Surely this could be done in a more in-world way than a hologram going 'oogly-boogly' over the caster's head.

    Locust Swarm

    What is with the bright green glowing and the brighter green flashes? Locusts are huge insects. You can't miss them in reality, and I'm sure in Sanctuary they're bigger and meaner. They really don't need to be incandescent, do they?

    Plague of Toads

    Explosive acid-blooded toads. Oll korrect.

    Not scarabs, not venomous snakes, not even starving maggots, but toads? Which explode. Acid blood. Glowing acid.

    I don't want to be one of the people who can't let this one go, but it's hard. I know there are plenty of myths about how evil toads are, but....


    Also crazy, but I just love the homage to the poor, forgotten StarCraft unit that didn't make it into StarCraft II, so I guess it's an awesome sort of crazy.

    Acid Cloud

    Obviously the acid which the toads are filled with. May also be the 'plasma' of Fallout 3.
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    posted a message on Diablo III, the Female Monk
    I agree with Bashiok that pixie cuts are, indeed, hot. However, it irritates me a little that they found such a difference necessary. Reminds me of the army's double-standard with male and female hair. If my girlfriend needn't shave her beautiful head of hair, why in Hell should I?
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    posted a message on What system will you be using to play D3?
    By the looks of it, and the fact that it is a Blizzard game, I'm certain it will barely utilize systems half as powerful as yours, let alone the average gaming PC by the time of release. I wouldn't worry about that.

    You may want to upgrade your desk and chair to an altar and throne, however. Your immersion may get choppy, otherwise.
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    posted a message on I Will Be Impressed With D3 if...
    1. If any chapter or single area rivals or surpasses the pure atmosphere of D1's Tristram and its nightmarish level-by-level descent through an impossible multitude of Gothic cathedral catacombs and oppressive tunnels into Hell.
    2. If the graphics aren't obnoxiously outdated by release.
    3. If I ever think to myself, 'Matt Uelwho?'
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 not till 2011 or beyond.
    Quote from "Elyk" »
    If that happened, I'd turn Christian... I don't see that happening anytime soon though.

    *rejects Catholicism silently...*
    Aside from also being hilarious, what does Christianity have to do with Mayan calendars?
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