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    Other possibilities:

    • Pirate
    • Zombie
    • Nazi
    • Robot
    • Alien
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    I'm very sorry, but you had to know this was coming.

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    Why in the world would you announce something so bizarre if you don't want it to be responded to?

    Such declaration is counter to the objective of hiding. Did you play hide-and-seek as a child by closing your eyes, sticking your fingers in your ears, and repeating 'la la la' to drown out the seeker? Or maybe just telling them, 'please don't find me'.
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    The Archmage

    It is said that the ancient sorcerers of Ureh sought transcendence from Sanctuary above all else, and forced their still-living bodies into Heaven with arcane knowledge alone. Some say that the gate which they opened was a gate to Hell, while others suppose that the gate was ensorcelled to bring only the Urehi to Heaven. Whatever the case, the destruction of the Worldstone has seen several of the ancient Urehi return from wherever they have been, and although now aging rapidly, some have managed to bear children.

    In the twenty years since their arrival, this new generation of Urehi has taken well to study. While their ancient predecessors are close to death, these young progeny have already established a fledgling mage clan: the Vizaljub, drawing no distinction between the arcane, the divine, and the profane. The dying Urehi have come to proudly call their child prodigies Archmagi, and the term has spread to the general population to supplant the colloquial 'Theomancer' -- much to the annoyance of the mage clans.

    The Archmagi draw upon forces beyond Sanctuary as made possible by the Worldstone's destruction, forces unintuitive to the older mage clans which are so thoroughly rooted in elemental traditions.

    Skill Tree Sample
    • The Light - Also called the Sacred Fire, the primal force of the High Heavens which infuses all things in its domain:
      • Lance - An already well-known signature of the Archmage is this direct invocation of the Light. For a brief moment, the Archmage is able to direct the Light at a precise point, piercing into the target's soul and, if the strike is a killing one, disintegrating the body entirely.
      • Infuse - A small amount of the Light woven into a person subtly strengthens body, mind, and spirit in many ways.
      • Wrath - When the Light is sufficiently condensed, often by powerful emotion or will, its soft blue-white glow ignites with fierce golden radiance, able to devastate demonic forces. In this form the Light is simply too powerful for the Archmage to control by mind alone, and as such the Vizaljub have learned to channel it directly into metallic objects such as weapons and armour, lending much to the battle against Hell.
      • Hellfire - A strange red substance similar in ways to fire, water, and lightning. It is said to be sentient in some way, yet appears to lack any will of its own.
        • Hellstream - While most the Archmage's powers seem to be drawn from the High Heavens, the horrors of the Burning Hells are not unfamiliar to them. This ability summons a strange, red, demonic energy and focuses it into a lightning-like stream which pummels through lines of enemies without straying in its course.
        • The Void - The vast emptiness from which Heaven and Hell were born.
          • Rupture - Exerting much effort to force a small puncture in the fabric of Sanctuary, the Archmage creates a hole into the Void which rapidly consumes its surroundings for a nightmarish moment before collapsing, ejecting its contents in a violent burst of radiant energy.
          • Endgame Item
            • Nephalic Omen - In their journey, the sorcerers of Ureh discovered something of the nature of mortals which broke some minds and lead others to return to Sanctuary, even if only to die. While the knowledge of this secret passed to the Archmagi by their Urehi predecessors is vague and cryptic at best, it is enough to affect demons which recognise it as an omen of great power. The Archmage must remain still while invoking this omen, and no actions may be taken while it is in effect, but this vulnerability may be worthwhile, for any Great Evil is similarly defenseless in its hold.
            Visual Note: As the Archmage advances in level, the Light progresses from a faint, deep blue to a brilliant, pure white; Hellfire grows darker and more violent; and the Void takes longer to collapse.
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