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    Quote from hayabusa73»

    Thats the way u do it exept u cant go in a T13 as lvl 1, it can be max T6 and the booster should open so u get "his" T6 and not T6 at "your" lvl 1, but yes 1 cowrun would be enough if booster have a gem of ease.

    GL in S11 ^^

    Sure, my fault! XD
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    posted a message on Keep the traditional isometric perspective or try something new?

    I would love to see a 3rd person cam at Diablo séries, but only if it becomes an open world game...

    But we can heve na open world game without a 3rd person cam too!

    If Diablo series become a 3rd view perspective, it would be a totally diferent game. Nice, but not a Diablo game at all as we are used to play.

    1- No more endless mobs to stack kills

    2- No more speed builds as they are now

    3- No more teleport skills as we would not know what could have behind every corner

    4- No more impressive effects from AoE

    5- No more pet builds as we know it too

    6- Much more NPCs to Interact with

    7- Less image quality or less interaction with scenario/background (no more rack, just slash!)

    8- List keeps going on...

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    posted a message on Kinda lost, pre-torment help?
    Quote from prrovoss»

    Quote from MissVixen425»

    Id love to look into a seasonal character, but with my job and my husband constantly playing Division, I get maaaaybe 5 hours of gametime per week.

    Tell him to stop playing division and start playing d3 with you. this is one of his conjugal duties, im sure.

    I've sarted to play D3 due to my husband , in 2013. Now we are at same clan! ^^
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    posted a message on Falcon Wings!

    No big headed toons, plz!!!!!!!!!

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    posted a message on Please nerf healing monk

    Well, lets point this all:

    1 - Healing monks offers a way to progress into grifts/leader board now.

    2 - Good suportive role, but it didn't affects too much monsters freedon as tiki/sader did at season 3.

    3 - Obviously it wasn't nerfed at PTR because it wasn't being overplayed and isn't too overpowered as some think it is.

    4 - Doesn't obstruct other groups compositions (how did some group work in PTR without a healing monk with them?!?! Obviously because there are more compositions now).

    5 - If monk becomes the best support class for groups, it will never be as good as a tikiwd was in season 3, as it doesn't paralize monsters 100% of time, nor will be better than a sader in season 3 too, as it doesn't blinds monsters 100% of time and boost 100% ChD to party...

    6 - in a group with a healing monk, all players do actives roles into a fight. (no more saders standing in and just waiting RG die while dazzling it with a NUNLOCK skill set.

    7 - DPS roles are too much difficult now, and a healing insn't enough to prevent death as mosnters and elites still can one shot you with jailer, frozen, thunder, etc...

    As you can see, a healing monk is a good suportive char in a group, but it is very far from being overpowered as most of suportives chars were before...

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    posted a message on Monk Survivability

    Well, you didn't say too much to us about your friend's build. But, ok, lets go...

    1º) Try to learn about what is killing you. Is it the elite afixes? Are the physical attacks from monsters? Ranged attacks?

    2º) Use your skills and map to build a strategy to keep alive. Monk has a great advantage about moviment and dodge to avoid most of dmg. Use it.

    3º) There is a simple math i like to use to see if i'm ready to farm at certain difficulty level. Go to Filds of Misery, find a bull and let it rush to you.If you survive it, good. if you survive 2 bulls rush without healing or using a potion, It's enough! (To farm at T6, something about 500-600k life is very good).

    4º) Put your AR high. Most of monks need 1000+ AR. Look for gears with specific elemental resist or AR in EVERY item you can. To do some high level GR you will need 1400+ AR to stay alive 1 second at most (o.O). If you need, use some diamond instead of emeralds until you get enough AR.

    5º) Most of time, CDR is better than life% or Armor bonus at gears, as you recharge your defensive skills sooner, you will stay alive more time... Some builds really don't need a big CDR, so change it to other defensive or dmg bonus (if you kill fast, no monster will hit you! ^.^)

    About skills:

    Epiphany/Deset Shroud = 50% dmg reduction

    Inner Sanctuary/Forbidden Palace = 55% dmg reduction + 30% dmg bonus + CC

    Mantra of Salvation/Agility = 20% AR (passive) + 35% dodge

    Dashing Strike/Blinding Speed = 370% weapon damage + 40% dodge

    Harmony = +++AR

    Sixth Sense = Reduce all non-Physical damage taken by 25% (Helps a lot at first)

    Near Death Experience = You will need it in everything above GR 50.

    About gears:

    Inna's Mantra Set = Lots of thougness even with 2 pieces (double mantra and Mystic Ally effect), best with 4 items to get the 4 mantras effects (and doubled too).

    Blackthorn's Battlegear = 10% dmg reduction to elites, imune to some elite afixes.

    Aughild's Authority = 15% dmg reduction to elites and 7% dmg reduction to melee and ranged attacks

    Ulianas Stratagem = Lots of palms + good survival as you become invulnerable at SSS. Just need a really good CDR (50-60% CDR + Flow of Eternity Daibo) to use SSS most of time and take care about elite afixes (season 4 only, next week indeed!)

    String of Ears = ~25-30% melee dmg reduction

    Binding of the lost = ~21-49% dmg reduction after using SSS (season 4 only)

    Ancient Parthan Defenders = Each stunned/frozen enemy within 25 yards reduces your damage taken by 9–12%

    Spirit Guards = Your Spirit Generators reduce your damage taken by 30–40% for 3 seconds (season 3, if you play at NS, wait until next week to get it)

    Eye of Etlich = Reduces damage from ranged attacks by 27.7–32.9%

    Try to mix some sets with the non-set defensive items (a Ring of Royal Grandeur may help a lot). Use some legendary gems to gain even more thougness if you need (and most of time all melee classes need it). A good regen is crucial to keep alive after being struck and survive after. Try to have a good Life per Hit, Life per second and Life per Spirit Spent as your build fits better.

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    posted a message on how important is crafting in the early stages?

    - There are two points between 1-70lv you will like to had upgraded your smith:

    1) Lv 23 - for Cain's set : Blacksmith lv 5 is enough. (Bonus xp is most wellcome when leveling. You will like it. Craft a set and keep it until lv 70. If you will level up another char, use the same set, doesn't need to craft a new one).

    2) Lv 60 - For a better weapon : Blacksmith lv 10 (Sometimes lv61 gears you will find are not so good as the crafted ones).

    - If its is your 1st char (as it seems to be), you will need good gems too, so level up Shen's shop every 5 lv you up you char.

    - Unless you really like to look fashioned, you will not need to upgrade the mystic until lv 70. But remember, you will unlock her only at act 5 campaign mode, or if a friend invites you to an adventure mode game.

    About crafting... If you will be a hardcore crafter, you will need to stock every blues and legendary you find along your path. Yellow ones are pretty easy to find, but blues becomes more and more difficult at high levels. Some recipes are awesome to craft. other ones are just crap to be collected and get an achieve of teach X recipes to Y ally.

    Some builds uses heavily crafted items, take a look at some build descriptions at the front page and enjoy crafting the perfect item you need! ^^

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    posted a message on Bring back trading - Clan trading only - Diablo is missing certain social dynamics within the game
    Agree. Clan trade isnt needed. Now, as it is, my clan helps to equip new players in a week. If u want a kridershot, lets farm it in group, not just to buy it!
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