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    Could you post what the channel is? The ones I've turned up so far seem dead...

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    I need a friend for the HoTS event too please!


    Add away! Thanks.

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    posted a message on What build is wudijo currently running on his seasonal right now?

    The Marked for Death is most likely because there was (probably still is) a bug that would allow you to spread Sever's insane crits (that are normally supposed to be gimmicky only) using the AoE spread from the Grim Reaper rune on Marked for Death.

    I saw a video of it a while back but I can't seem to find it now.

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    posted a message on Any builds for GF30+ besides Sun's set?
    Hi Giterdun,

    So having had a glance at your Lightning Monk, I'm assuming you may have logged out having swapped some gear around.

    If that is the case, then some of this may be less useful and I apologise for that. If not, then there are some things that stand out fairly immediately...

    Your helm is probably the first. You aren't running breath of heaven, so I'd say almost any helm would be more useful than that one. Andys, Leorics for double gem efficacy, GNK, EoTS.. Any one of those would be a fairly big upgrade. On the other hand, Eye of Peshkov is useful for the holy build - just sayin' :D

    The next thing would be your rings - now I appreciate the fact that you simply might not have better rings - but that being said, a lightning SoJ with crit dmg or crit chance (depending on what you are lacking in), roll the dex to a socket, pop in your leg gem. Away you go.

    Also, your amulet - though good, could be a lot better. Ideally I'd want %lightning dmg, crit chance, %75+ crit dmg and a socket. (again, rolling away from dex). The reason for rolling away from dex is simply that all of the other stats would give you more damage than a perfect roll (750) of dex would.

    Lastly, both your weapons are sub-optimal for a lightning monk. Ideally you want a Odyn Son MH with a SoH or a TF offhand. Failing that, any of those with the WKL would do I guess.

    *If you have a good RoRG that you can use, I might even be tempted to craft an Aughilds helm and bracers in the interim if I were you.

    I have almost a perfectly geared L-monk - could get to around GR32 solo, then I swapped to the Holy spec because I felt like I hit a wall. Holy is better, if less fun all around imho. Link to profile below just in case you wanna take a peek :P


    Anyway, happy hunting - hope some of this helped!

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