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    Thank you for your efforts. I really appreciate every video you make, not only for the content, but for the actual effort you put forth in recording your meaty head and putting it out into the internets. Very few people do this, and even though some of the information is not always relevant to everyone, or even new, I am still impressed by every video and post. I invite all naysayers to begin a youtube channel and gain more than 100 followers and stream content on multiple games and have 100% new and relevant content. Thank you in advance for YOUR efforts VinnyBoy1 and the such...
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    Hey, just wanted to post. Finally got my gemstone.

    Was playing an alt. Leveling on expert mode in public adventure mode game. Was playing for a bit, got a few stupid legendarys. We finished act 1, 4, 2, and were moving on to 3 and I saw the bounty was to clear caverns of frost. So we went, boom chiltara and gemstone. So, I'm wondering if a group would help.
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