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    posted a message on What do you think about the new Challenge Rifts mode?
    Quote from TianZi»

    It's pretty much terrible.

    1) There is no incentive to create competition.

    2) As far as "new builds" goes, it's more like an old build with mistakes in gearing/talents.

    Totally agreed with 2). the US server DH build is really bad. I was thinking what the hell with the build having that Fan of knives dagger cubed without Fan of knives on the bar. O_O

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    This is an experimental build utilizing the Convention of Elements ring. We know already that the ring is better than SoJ statistically. However, I would like to further explore the potential of it.

    One idea is to play a multi-element build with two to four spenders using different elements and spam the spenders when the corresponding buffs are up.

    Construction of the build
    Mana becomes an issue when playing such spender build. (Like the old Zbear build during vanilla D3.) Therefore, Haunt and Spirit Barrage together with Rush of Essence were picked. Paragon point Max mana and Resource cost reduction were maxed too.

    After that, I began testing with four spenders. Unfortunately, the only physical spenders available to us are Pile on and Sacrifice. Pile on has the disadvantage of very short range and delayed damage. Sacrifice is not exactly "spammable" without zdog gear. Also, managing four different spenders is very messy. Therefore I reduced it to three spenders.

    Three spenders is a lot more playable. Besides Haunt and Spirit Barrage, I tried several spenders for the last slot and found that the old Zombie Bears was suitable. The result is this build:


    First, Convention of the Elements, of course! (I only have one with 167% though. :P )
    2p Jade and Quetzalcoatl was included as Haunt was one of the key skills.
    4p Zuni was included for the damage reduction.
    An ancient 2-hander was picked, as fast attack speed with 1-hander might drain out mana too fast.

    Piranhado or WoZ to gather mobs
    Then check the buff rotation by looking at the buff icon or the graphic around my character:
    poison: Zombie Bears
    cold: Haunt
    fire: Spirit Barrage
    physical: wild card, no big different using any spenders. Though I usually cast Haunt to save mana

    Kind of tricky to play. I had spent 2-3 rifts before I started get used to such skill rotation.

    You can see the video link for the actual gameplay.

    It is kind of playable but still needs further adjustment to make it good. I beat grift 32 with this build. (For comparison, my record with a typical MoJ pet build without SMK is grift 40.)

    Any other spenders combination would you suggest?
    Primary skills were not considered at all because of their low damage. Their mana regen capacity was not good enough either even with Vision Quest.
    A major limitation of this build is that it has no synergy with other gear besides Jade 2p and Quetzalcoatl. At least not one that I can think of. May need Blizz to add new legendaries / sets to make such build actually viable in higher grift.
    If you have spare time and want to try something new (and kind of challenging), construct a similar CoE multi-element WD and tell me your experience with it! ;)

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    posted a message on New weapon choice for followers / zdps: Eun-jang-do


    May not be easy to notice the effect for trash mobs. However, it works on elites and rift guardians. This makes the last 17-20% of the fight trivial, which is especially helpful when fighting those greater rift guardians that go berserk on low health. Therefore, it is actually a good weapon for followers or supportive (zdps) players.

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    posted a message on Video of the updated Firebird set

    Made a video showing the updated Firebird set:


    The new 4 pieces AoE damage looks pretty good!


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    posted a message on Videos of the updated Zuni and Jade sets

    Made some videos showing the updated set bonus:


    Fetishes from both FA and FS (or from the fetish belt) count for the 4 pieces bonus. Unfortunately, those tiny fetishes summoned by the Gidbinn do not.
    The new 6 pieces damage debuff is really good. In case you are not sure whether the debuff is working or not, the debuff has a yellow debuff graphic above the mobs.


    2 pieces bonus changes Haunt from a DoT to direct damage spell. It also benefit from Quetzalcoatl.


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    Quote from Klarbautermann»

    I think the ice fetish is bugged and they will look like the other, just with a "blue" blade. But it would be cool if it stays like this and the others maybe also get a visual upgrade/different skin.

    Probably not a bug. Blue blade will look strange. Considering the lore, the fetishes only need to burn the daggers or rub poison on the daggers to make the fire and poison fetishes but they do not have fridge to freeze the daggers. Therefore, "icy touch" by zombie fetishes is chosen as the cold one.

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    posted a message on New fetishes model!

    The latest PTR patch notes mentioned FS now due damage according to the highest element of the WD, which is what a lot of us had been asking for for a long time! Great that Blizz finally listened to that suggestion!

    However, there is also a little surprise that was not mentioned in the patch notes: they also changed the model of the fetishes (both FS and FA) for different elements!

    See here => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2IH6uokq5o

    Really nice little bonus to pet doctors! Thanks Blizzard! =D

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    posted a message on Discuss: Blizzcon Elemental Ring! (update: read #29)
    Quote from morterion»

    200% damage, 4 elements->25% uptime. As a result, it will give 50% elemental damage at average for single-element builds, which is not bad (if you are able to roll nice stats on that ring, of course). Also, specs which use many elements (Raekor, Marauder) will get 50%+some minor bonus. The problem is that 50% average elemental damage is not, well, interesting. It can be better or worse than SoJ, depending on your current stats, but it's just about math.

    Perfect SoJ = 30% elite damage + 20% single element damage

    Perfect Blizzcon ring (if used without paying attention to the rotation) = 200% x 0.25 = 50% element damage on average, which is already better than SoJ If one can make a build / playstyle such that more than one fourth of the attacks match the buff, it is even better.

    Besides, the damage buff is multiplicative. i.e. the 50% damage buff results in bigger damage gain than 50% regular elemental damage buff from other sources if you already have some % extra elemental damage.

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