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    posted a message on Message from Jay Wilson
    Off to ruin another franchise.
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    posted a message on T-Minus 30 minutes and Counting
    They'll bring said investors into a conference room with a large display screen, they'll press play, and RickRoll the investors.
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    posted a message on The Wait is Over -- PTR Patch 1.13
    Here's why people are complaining:

    Blizzard: [Professor Farnsworth] Good news, everyone! [/Professor Farnsworth] We're going to create a new patch for Diablo II! It's going to be super awesome!

    Fans: HORAY!

    Blizzard: Hey, go ahead and make a big list of things you want to see in the new patch on this thread on our forums! We'll look at it and take your suggestions to heart!

    Fans: HORAY!!!!

    Blizzard: Cool, well, it's April now and it should be out really soon! A few weeks at the most!

    Fans: HORAY!!!!!

    -Months go by-

    Blizzard: Bad news, everyone. Other games are getting patched now, so we're delaying Diablo's. But don't worry because it's going to be super awesome and worth the wait!

    Fans: Horay!

    -Months go by-

    Blizzard: It'll be here eventually! Still going to be super awesome!

    Fans: Horay.

    -Patch releases out of nowhere at almost the end of the year, almost 8 months after it was originally supposed to be released-

    Blizzard: We've finally released the patch! It has almost nothing that most of you wanted, but it's still super cool!

    Fans: ..... ASS!
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    posted a message on Has this been discussed? RE: Art Style
    That top screen is beautiful. Looks like a watercolor painting.
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    posted a message on We've got a serious problem with the homepage.
    First and foremost - Torchlight is an outstanding game and anyone who hasn't bought it yet needs to go out and buy it! As stated before the devs of this game are the devs from Diablo II, and the composer is from the Diablo series too (music is outstanding).

    However, it's a complete joke to have a big ass advertisement take up the entire damn background of the main page. This is exactly the bullcrap that makes people hate the new changes and be wary of the new administration. This is a Diablo fansite and now we have some big ass advertisement for a competing game (even if it is awesome) taking up the whole background. You can cry site costs all you want, but the fact remians this site was here a LONG time before huge ass ads for other games took over the background. So what are you going to tell me next, that the past admins farted out fairy dust to pay for the site costs?

    Someone's analogy of a large corporation taking over a small company is perfect.
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    posted a message on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    I've never see so many people whining over something so stupid.
    Oh no, you're going to have a matchmaking system! Woe is the computer gaming world.
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    posted a message on Diablo Atmosphere
    Did you all not watch the gameplay video?

    The music, sounds, and effects are amazing. I can see how some people can complain about the non-gothic extreme graphics, but the atmosphere is great.

    For example, when those cultist summong that best, and the skeleton rises and the flesh starts covering him. That's epic, in music and the cool visualization of it.
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    posted a message on Worldwide Invitational Live Streams Available
    Quote from "Astion" »
    If i click the live stream page, it says that the page cannot be displayed. What software do i need for it?

    Same for me. It's probably just not up yet.
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    posted a message on video
    Quote from "darkdeathtosaul" »
    because chaosdragon says its boreing for people
    but if he has 10000 subscribers then i guess its not lol :P

    Chaosdragon is also the person who didn't know there were more than 8 planets in the universe. ;)
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