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    So the time has come to say GoodBye old friend...

    Thank you for all the excitement moments you offered to myself, as well to the whole community, throughout the years.

    Hope our roads cross again to the next Diablo journey.

    Till then.. "stay a while, and listen".

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    Since patch 2.4.2 EPs applied by U2 will proc Area Damage.

    Take a look at Davlok's post here for confirmation.


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    Quote from Demonmonger»

    I just have a response, having talked indirectly to Wyatt through BigDaddyDen, you sir seem to be over exaggerating the comments they gave, because I tried to confirm all of this with others I know that were there, and nobody agrees with what you said or has the faintest idea it ever happened.

    Maybe they are all wrong, Rhykker, BigDaddyDen, Leviathon, Neinball, etc.... and missed this, but I simply cannot believe any of this to be true.

    Do you have photos or something to prove this, because it is beyond belief to me atm.


    Hahaha lookS that your life pUrpose is to defend Blizz at all cost... Can u pls stop trolling and comment in ANY thread all over the net? You post in ALL threads (dfans, battlenet) saying things that even a 10 years boy couldnt think..
    It's getting really annoying to see ppl like you to polluting the forums.. Pls go play the actually game, not the forum game. That way you could have a more objective opinion. The threads all have different op's but one Demonmonger to post literally in all of them saying the same over and over. The only thing you do is to attack anyone that says something against blizz.
    And the funny thing is that you havent spent the time in game to have the knowledge to comment and to say something that anyone can take seriously.
    Give us a break pls....
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