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    posted a message on Can't Buy Me Love
    I'm not liking it so i voted No. Diablo never had it to begin with. theres no reason to start it now with the 3rd game.

    just my two cents.

    start a 3rd game with great respect because we waited a long time for this. lets not start it with Sh%#y free mmo game ideas PPPLLLLZZZZZZ. think of something better geez..
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    posted a message on New Skill System Poll
    i don't quite understand this......
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    posted a message on Dungeons and Dragons Online
    i'll join as well just let me kno wat time. i don't have a char on Ghallanda.

    I think i'll try a rogue this time around. I play on Thelanis mainly thou.

    charname Waren on Thelanis
    just made a char on Ghallanda name Goris
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    posted a message on Dungeons and Dragons Online
    Quote from "Turmobil" »
    Hmph, played it when it was Pay2Play, played it when it was Free2Play.
    Lacks a proper tutorial for those not yet initiated in the mystery that is Dungeon&Dragon.
    And the worst thing is, you have to pay for Drows and some classes! Pay!

    not true to unlock stuff on a F2P u just have to gain enough favor! i'm 50 favor away from drow as of now and i only played for 2 months!

    the only thing a VIP gains is that they don't have to unlock all the stuff. They get bigger bank space, they can start guilds, and unlimited auctioning at auction house thats all!
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    posted a message on Dungeons and Dragons Online
    I been playing it for a few months so far. If your already a DnD fan then u will love it. its by far the best F2P game out there so far. But thats my Opinion.

    Try it even if you never played DnD. If you like a lot of RPGs then Definitely try it.

    I'm a 4th lvl cleric/2nd level ranger so far. btw levels take longer to get to the cap is 20 atm, but don't think its fast to get to. once u start playing you will understand what i mean.

    Only downside to F2P players is it takes longer to reach max lvl and to unlock areas. If you have a lot of time on your hands then have a blast.
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    posted a message on I'm missing a dark class bad
    Quote from "naksucow" »
    I don't think the witch doctor is a good substitute because he's not necessarily dark, he's just weird.
    i'm glad you feel the same as i do. :thumbsup:

    Quote from "scyberdragon" »
    It is hard to know how "dark" the witch doctor is. There is very little lore released for this character which is weird since they announced him so long ago.

    As far as looks go, I feel the necro and WD ate both older skinny guys which resemble typify their fighting style of summons. The only thing that made the necro "darker" was his black armor. He had skeletons but the WD has zombies.

    Once we get some more info on the WD I can decide whether or not we need a "darker" character.

    i just hope once we get some lore on WD hopefully i'll feel better. I still want some really good dark shady character the whole doctor and monk thing just isn't cutting it for me :(

    I feel like theres just no knight anymore with the monk now.
    I feel the same feeling with the Witch Doctor. In a darker way
    barb and wizard so far are perfect.
    ugh i just feel like something is incomplete.
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    posted a message on I'm missing a dark class bad
    Ok tell me if i'm not the only one. Does any feel that were missing something in d3? i personally feel the witch doctor just isn't cutting the whole dark caster feel.

    I feel hes just a crazy crackout doctor with pets and bugs. I really feel that we are missing a dark class.

    In d2 the necromancer did it for us. Now hes gone its like kinda depressing in a sick way. lol guys tell me you guys arn't feeling the same thing plz let me hear your thoughts on this. help me feel better come on guys help me out here. :(

    i will be very happy if the final class was some kind of blackgaurd (dark cleric) or something anything whatever. If blizzard decides on doing that for the next expansion thats ok, but i really don't want to wait that long. very worried :o
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    posted a message on 5th class contest
    I know we talked about this alrdy so many times. but w/e
    i still say the ranger will be the next class.

    the ranger = ranged/and part melee fighter
    the rouge = ranged/trap class

    The Knight = defensive/ offensive type

    Some kind of warrior that works first on the best deffense and turns it to a strong offense.

    Thats my guess

    old guess btw!

    heres link http://www.diablofans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15378
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    posted a message on Grabbing All That Loot
    Quote from "mahamoti" »
    There is one thing that could be improved: getting rid of auto-pickup on Gold. Some people like to take the time to pick up gold, tohers dont. Personally I always have a "threshold" and if its more, I pick it up, if its less I figure that the time it takes me to make 1 click is going to reduce my overall "gold per second" by picking it up as opposed to running past it, and waiting for a bigger drop. I enjoy this complex interplay. Why take it away?.

    well you bring up a good point since gold is now a main currency in d3. Having auto pick up will make it that the longer you play basically make you rich = auction house = epic char.

    I feel that it should be picked up gold in this sense. in d1 and d2 blizzard should have had gold on autoloot since gold sucked in general. i never picked up gold that much. I sold armor for gold mainly. Thats how i play. and i'll play that way in d3 regardless. ;)
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    posted a message on Grabbing All That Loot
    Quote from "emilemil1" »
    Yes, gold is the only thing that makes sense. Nothing else drops with enough frequency and stays useful at all times.

    not true quest items could also be considered along with gold here. so we don't have to hold quest items. for instance both diablo 1 and 2 u had to hold quest items in ur inventory so i think thats what blizzard wants to know.

    i for one thing feel that holding quest items should still be still in ur inventory makes the game more real. Peace out :cool:
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    posted a message on Critical hit display numbers
    i find it that not having it makes the game look better and makes the game a bit harder if u don't know on screen that u blocked or crit so for me i have to agree that the game doesn't have to have it.

    its just not needed. use detail in other places that might need it. as it is we have enough text from items and gold so having less would be better.
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    posted a message on lvl 99 or....
    I have to say i agree with ORA. on this as well why change diablo 2 system when theres nothing wrong with it...

    OH and yes grinding = GEAR :P

    If u want to be the best in diablo u need GEAR and SKILL and just hope for good MECHANICS This Time!
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    posted a message on Diablo Books?
    reading book 1 of the sin war and so far i'm up to page 100 or so.

    might as well read while i wait for d3 ugh i hate waiting........:mad:
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    posted a message on Special Thanks
    Quote from "Medievaldragon" »
    I'm not surprised not to be in the thanks roster. So, I guess I will add myself.

    Thanks, to Medievaldragon: Thasador, Silversurfstud and Umaro got Blizzcon tickets given to Blizzplanet for staff purposes.

    Thasador got an exclusive Blizzplanet Press Badge to help with video coverage. However, I was never looked up at the press room for a single hi. Umaro didn't go to Blizzcon, so that ticket was wasted.

    Had to be said.

    I'm surpirsed also medievil u have proven a lot for this site so thank you. I read alot of ur posts in the past before i became a member of this site mainly because ur info was very good. so for that i say on my behave thank you.
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    posted a message on Φ Monk Class
    the only thing i have to say about adding the monk class is its a not a class i like very much. i do like slapping zombies like the next guy, but i'll rather do it with a staff or a hammer and listen to the rips crack.

    I believe that d3 is lacking some kind of finasse char and yes the monk would fit perfectly.

    I'll rather have a zon or rouge/assassin instead. lol yes its fun slaping zombies around with ur hands, its like NEO in the matrix BANGING AGENTS SMITHS all over the place and i play the matrix game so much that it has got me so bored of fist banging shit.

    If the monk does become the next class instead of rouge/assassin type just make sure u stay away from me because i will PK ur ass with my barb. i hate wanna be neos
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