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    I'm getting pretty tired of my Amulet rolling cold dmg instead of fire. Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't 900k per attempt, As a new player I haven't had the chance to stock pile any gold >_<

    Edit: I figure I'm at 45-50 trys @ 900k per attempt lol, I'm litterally getting low on gems to convert.
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    Quote from Niddro
    I believe the question should be divided into two separate sections

    1. Micro transactions for cosmetics (no effect on gameplay)
    2. Micro transactions for in-game benefits (will affect gameplay)
    Number 1: sure go for it, if someone want to waste money on pets, voice packs, dyes etc. go ahead.

    Number 2: I'm against this. It's leaning towards pay2win. Although there's no competition aspect in this game (yet), I still don't like the idea of something that could only be acquired through paying. The RMAH didn't offer anything I couldn't, theoretically, find myself so I was OK with that.
    I agree completely.
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    Nice post, as a newer D3 player I learned a lot from this. Still a long ways off being able to do any of this though haha =P
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    Hey everyone! I'm kinda new to D3, Didn't like it much when it first came out, but now after loot 2.0 and RoS I'm enjoying myself quite a lot. So I started out as a DH and liked that, but after 60ish hours and RNG not being in my favor I was stuck at like 340kish dmg and had a bunch of gear that should have been easily replaceable (lvl 61 yellows ect ect). So I got tired and quit playing, then a friend started play so I created a Wizard got to 70 with him and then started gearing my Wiz, within a an hour after 70 I was already up around 600k damage on my wizard and really enjoying myself (can't help but think wtf is up with my DH and the lack of love he got lol). So now I'm a little over 1m DMG with 8.4m toughness buffed. I'm using an enjoyable Elementalist build I found (thanks HolyHermit for the build).

    Heres my profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ryoku-1319/hero/42218480

    So my gears not bad, but it could still use a lot of work. At this point what peices of gear should I keep an eye out for? Heres a few items I have In my Storage already.

    Magefist: 20% fire, 696 int, 704 vit, 6% IAS, 376 armor

    Sanguinary Vambraces: 20% fire, 452 int, 418 vit, 6% cc

    Ring of Royal Grandeur: 428 int, 5% ias, 11% life, 1911 Life per hit

    Wand of Woh: 2290 DPS, 10% dmg, 660 int, 18% chance area dmg, 10 ap, 3 explosive

    Krede's Flame: 479 int, 472 vit, 6% ias, 6% CDR

    Tals Ammy (its on my wizards follower atm): 627 int, 685 vit, 92% Crit dmg, socket

    that about sums up the gear I've found. So you guys got any insight on what I should do from here?
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