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    It's good to see a post from a familiar face! Sometimes I miss this pace so much! It's funny how you can miss a forum. I guess I just miss the friends from here.

    I thought some might find this cool- I recently had an assignment for an online art school thing from the art director of the Diablo comic. I'm not sure that I'll ever finish this thing but this is a really early stage of Maluus. I'd love to finish it someday but I doubt I will. :P

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    I love your photography, Vegas! :)
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    Remember folks, anyone engaging in an online argument has already lost!
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    I WISH I had the time to make D3 my life. That would be great. But I don't have that time. Nor do I judge those that do. And neither should you.
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    Quote from Nekrodrac

    Quote from Azriel

    Quote from Nekrodrac

    Fyodr Dostoevsky and James Thomson? Oh man....that was such a class hipster move.

    Maybe I should just stop trying to make jokes. You're obviously not hip enough to get them.

    And I really don't understand how not reading mangas would make someone a hipster. I didn't even say it to make myself seem cool. I mean, I am cool, but I don't consider myself cool for not doing anything. Like, what kind of person would I be then?
    I like how all I've got to say is- you're a hipster.
    And the drama and denial follows. It's quite entertaining.

    Oh did i tell you? You're a such a hipster Az.
    An awesome one, that is. Not the regular kind. Like a cool cool hispter with self-fulfilling statements so cool they are above any comments.

    Anyway, game time over. To save you from the torment of replying with yet another (ironic) video to compensate for your seemingly lack of linguistic skills to support your post , I will share some honest thoughts with you.

    Being a hipster has nothing to do with mainstream. It's an attitude. A rather dubious one in my opinion as it involves the association of an individual's personality with a statement, hobby, music, media or art. It's about the laziest projection of personality within our society- as opposed to having achievements/accomplishment/deeds to show for it.
    Mind you, these are still actual valid indicators of a person's taste and therefore a cue as to their possible compatibility with you or another group, but the key difference is the emphasis the hipster will put of these aspects as opposed to the 'normal' person. It should also be noted that most(if not all) individuals have a hipster approach to a certain part of their life or taste.
    It serves as an important fulfillment of the human's desire for mystery which in turn provides an added allure to their character. When it becomes an exaggeration, you become a hipster.

    You can be a hipster by saying you like listening to Justin Bieber. The difference between you and his teenage girl fans is the obscure reason you will claim behind the liking. Along the lines of you making a underlying statement of some kind (that probably nobody will understand). Of course it would actually take some rather very ingenious hipster to make this one work out but I'm sure it's not impossible.

    Now to come back to your statement and drama on manga- it was a truly worthless original post you put forward. A person expressing their dislike for manga for 'x-y' reasons is far more respectful than your hipster attitude.
    Why should it be anybody's business to dare to question you on that??
    Simple reason- you expressed a public opinion/statement and as such it is automatically open to scrutiny and challenge.
    Are you old enough to understand this?
    I am doubtful but perhaps in a few years time, you might learn the value of an informed and reasoned statement or opinion.

    Now that you've been schooled, you can go do your homework, son.

    So ya, he may be a hipster, but dude...you're so condescending.

    Your first reaction in every argument is to patronize people. Whether you mean to or not, it really comes off like that.

    I just don't understand why you feel the need to take shots at people. Why because he said he was calling you on your crap? Be above it and don't respond back.

    People on the internet have this undeniable urge to defend their character. The ego is truly a fault in human nature.
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    Jackson Pollock was garbage. But it IS art. And it IS important to art history. It was really a logically progression for art if you consider all of the factors. Probably the only bit of abstract expressionism that seeps into my consideration for art would be Norman Rockwell's painting:

    Now THAT's gold lol. Humor and skill.

    so uh....that image on the top. It's badass. That is all.

    Thank you :)
    If you're referring to my work. You could be referring to the statue.
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    This has been therapeutic. :)
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    I thought this would be an interesting place to post my...venting. This is going to be long so if you are not interested in me, art or an intertwined history of the two, leave now. I won't blame you. :P
    This is mostly for me. And I'll secretly blame you...

    As many of you know I'm an "artist" in training. Although, these days I'm more comfortable with the word illustrator or draftsman(person who draws).

    Back in highschool, I wasn't as knowledgeable or passionate about what direction I wanted to head in for art. All I knew is that I wanted to draw and paint so I ended up in a "Fine Arts" program(with a capital F).

    In my first few years I encountered an extremely odd culture of individuals who had a very elitist view on what art was. The Fine art world of today!I didn't mind though because I was taking courses like Figure drawing and painting so I was focused on honing my craft. I got to ignore the culture, essentially.

    But now, as a senior, I have to face it.

    I'll get right to the point. In the aforementioned culture, there is a very clear line between what is art and what is not.
    Anything related to the entertainment industry right now is not considered art. So the work of most illustrators is considered illustration, and not art. To say to some artists "oh this is just illustration, I'm not putting this in my gallery" is practically profanity and an ultimate insult.

    There's this common idea that the stuff you see that gets attention from the art scene in magazines, galleries, e.t.c. is the modern art of our time. And whenever you mention "video game" you get laughed at. I think there's this quintessential image in my brain of a professor making fun of a previous student who refused to draw anything other than dragons and dudes with swords. It's as if, video games are for children. They are not actually important. The new animated movies are just movies. They don't matter in the art world. Man...They're so fucking snooty.

    This is turning out to be much longer than I anticipated lol
    Right now I'm procrastinating from writing this artist presentation thing where I give a talk on a contemporary artist. The goal is to find a modern artist who deals with important issues and is pushing the boundaries. "Deals with issues" is a very common term around there. The first reference to artists and issues will sound like "find an artist who is dealing with social or political issues in our time".

    So essentially, those are the parameters of what gets into the fine art world right now. Stuff that "deals with social and or political issues". Oh, and lots of naked chicks shoving their vaginas in your face. That's fine art too apparently.
    Seriously, after Egon Schiele, it seems like everyone started painting hot pink muffs.

    I'm here to tell you ITS ALL BULLSHIT!!Word? This stuff matters to a completely misguided small percent of the world that isn't being honest with itself. Word. Now, that's important to say. I'll touch on that later. First, I'm going to give you a very brief art history lesson.

    The Grecian golden age of art: A bunch of people from a REALLY long time ago really MASTERED the human figure and created mostly these badass sculptures.

    Then the Romans conquered them and art was dead for a long time.

    Then the Gothic era of art came with Gothic architecture: This was really the new beginning of art.
    Renaissance: DaVinci, Michelangelo, e.t.c.The new age of painting and sculpture had begun. And it was great. All of the work you would associate from this age was not displayed in a gallery. Rather, it was all commission work for churches.

    Then, give or take about 500 years and you have contemporary art. Art for art's sake. This is an important distinction. For thousands of years, art was made out of it's convention to society. It served specific purposes. But by around the 1800's it changed.

    Contemporary art, mid 1800's to today has been more conscious. Artists were actively exploring the meaning of ar
    To put it simply, pissing on a toilet became art. Literally.
    ....No seriously.
    I'm not kidding.
    This lead to the idea that art has to really MEAN something in order to be art!

    In result, artists are trying to "innovate" and "push social and political artistic boundaries" and "expand what art is" while still paying the bills and getting collectors to give them lots and lots of money.

    This has led to a false sense of importance. They have this incorrect thinking that because they are TRYING to be important, they are. But the problem is, they aren't important at all. Not relatively speaking, of course. Ya people fill up galleries and sell paintings for big time money. But they're still relatively unknown. Artists today are trying WAY too hard to be important.
    I wonder how many people I've lost by this point...I'm really interested to see the response from the community. I'd imagine the only reason anyone would read this is because they know me. :P

    So, what IS important in art right now? Well, what is captivating the entire world? Hhhmm.....There's this industry I know of....it has millions of followers around the world.
    Video games + Movies +comics will be the most important part of visual art history for our time period. They won't acknowledge it right now, but once they gain some perspective it will be glaringly obvious that the place art has come to genuinely grow in our time period is in the entertainment industry. I could build a very lengthy and even more convincing thesis for this but I think you get the point.

    So, it's just REALLY frustrating to have to essentially pretend that this shit is important that I'm studying in terms of "modern art". I've had this boiling under the surface for a really long time.

    The good news is: You're part of the most important aspect of art for this era. And I bet you didn't even know you were all complete art snobs! :P

    Aside from the commercial stuff, the only thing I consider to really be art is Graffiti and Street Art. that is another, truly global movement that has really shaped art on just about every front imaginable.

    So that's the end of this unorganized, convoluted rant about how narrow in perspective people are perceiving art. Had to get it out.

    OH! And for making it all the way to the end( or at least scrolling), I'll share some of my stuff.

    I love to draw and paint shit that is awesome I.E. Badass characters, demons, and stretchy Jake. So screw you art world! You can follow my stuff on facebook if you want. <3

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