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    posted a message on [EU SC] LF S18 weekend group

    Hi there,
    So my mates aint around this time, so I'm looking for new mates to hook up with!

    Some fast info:

    • Played D3 on/off since launch
    • Experienced player, both for fast leveling and meta
    • Playing Vyr/Chantodo Wiz for start this season most likely.
    • Can play something else if it benefits the group, no problem.
    • Danish guy, with discord available and good english

    Feel free to add me on discord Cyhfix#3932, Battlenet LynXx#21600, pm or post below.

    GL&HF with S18 everyone!

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    posted a message on +1 for season 18 SC EU

    Still need one?
    Danish wiz here, going for Vyr/Chantodo setup.

    Add me on battlenet for more info :)


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