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    Was getting pretty bored playing on hardcore hit a brickwall on my wd, could do t3 efficiently but t4+ was way to slow and I havnt had an upgrade in afew weeks(my gear isnt even that good). Got a starmetal from a chest which meant I could now do t5 efficiently by half close to full uptime on big bad voodoo.

    been spending all my shards on gloves trying to get tasker, I have spent probably around 10 thousand. Today I did afew t5 rifts and had 350 shards, I had to go to the gym for training so I decided to spend my shards. Down to 100 and bang tasker, 40% but really shit rolls on everything else, I decided fuck it ill keep going, down to 10 and bang another tasker with better rolls and 44% pet attack speed. Sometimes I love RNG.

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