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    Now, let me just say that I have spent over 3 days of non-stop Googling and messing with different files, and have made no progress. The cutscenes in Hellfire have black lines covering the entire screen, making it look like you're watching it through a screen door. I have had this issue with multiple other games, including plain old Diablo 1, and I was able to fix that issue and the color problems using Aqirt's DDWrapper and the "Fake V-Sync" option included. Sadly, DDWrapper doesn't want to fully work with Hellfire. The wrapper can fix color problems, but that's as far as it will go. I've tried multiple other Smackw32.dll files to no success. I downloaded RADTools and converted the cutscenes into AVI format so I can at least watch them separately, but is there any other way that can let me watch them in the game, and not have to watch them externally?
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