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    posted a message on New Datamined Patch - Class Changes, Passive Effects, Character slots, Stat caps, Quests, and MUCH more
    Thanks for datamining and sharing! :)
    Gonna read it over the weekend.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Auction House is Shutting Down on March 18, 2014
    Well, this is something I didn't expect but makes me very happy.

    I play self found single player since release and like it that way (give me offline and I'd explode of joy)

    Yet I can see that a safe trading envyronment would add to the experience for those players who likes it and I wouldn't have any problem with an AH which does not affect the game so much (like items drop ratio, just to make an example).

    Unfortunately AH in D3 was also a great limiting factor when it came down to development and new features: every time Blizz thought to implement something they had to ask themselves "will this work well with the current AH system?".....most often the answer was no.

    So BoA made its comeback.

    Now they have more freedom in what they plan and this is a good thing in itself.

    For all the guys who likes to trade I hope Blizz come up with a reliable trading system, just one that's not mandatory to play the game at its fullest.

    To Maka and the other fellows who, alongside my humble self, since before release were sayng "this AH system will ruin the game!": :cheers:
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    posted a message on Diablo III: The Road So Far
    I've contrasting feelings about the game.

    I like the game, I've been playing it with no breaks till I got my hands on it, about a week after release.
    I play almost 99,99% alone, I've tried to play with friends at times, but I just love to play solo.
    I have 10 characters, all of them levelled at the same time, 2 out of 10 killed Diablo in Inferno

    The game has improved.
    A lot, I dare say.

    But.....this game has some built-in flaws that you cannot fix, at least not without a complete change of some core mechanics.
    Some of the decisions they took while developing the game didn't feel like a good choice to me at the time (arrogant of me, I know)

    Since before beta I thought they were starting from false premises (example: Blizzard seems to think that solo playing is some sort of weird behaviour they should help you to get rid of....why?) when planning this game, I still think so.

    At least I've seen a some steps in what I think is the right direction.

    But I'm just a Diablo addicted who still play the game almost each day, so what I know?
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    posted a message on Bosses drop chance
    Blizz could force you to start far off from a boss after you kill it the first time.
    Like two or 3 missions earlier, that would force players to run at least a third of an Act.
    Es. if you want to run The Butcher you need to start from Leoric Manor otherwise no act boss or no drop increase.
    Add that to minibosses like Skeleton King (you should be forced to start from, say, finding the crown in the cemetery) and players will need to run most of act 1.
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    posted a message on Have blizzard said they are concerned with people only playing one class?
    I'm leveling 10 characters and my highest one is a male WD (lvl 56, if memory serves) who just killed Leoric in Hell.
    I cannot comprehend why this gamestyle is considered "stupid".
    I don't rush things, I experiment a lot, I enjoy the game and have fun.
    Should I say people who rushed towards the end playing just one single class out of five are playing in a stupid way?
    No, they are just playing the game the way they like it.

    Paragon levels take too much time? I played D2 for years and I hope to play D3 for a long time too.
    Also PLs have been added mainly because a lot of people rushed to the end and then started complaining because there was nothing else to do.

    They may not be the best solution but they should last till PvP is out.
    Be patient and enjoy the game.
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    posted a message on Visual Monster Affix Changes, Official Game Guide Has Been Updated, Paragon Experience, Blue Posts
    Quote from Molster

    Quote from Uldyssian

    "It is possible for certain machines to experience "stuttering" when all of the game's assets are fully loaded. Our testing has concluded on this issue and Blizzard hopes to have this resolved in a future patch."

    Best thing they have said yet. Finally we will see a fix coming for this dismal problem.
    indeed, asset lag even makes me sad, and few things can do that :hehe:

    Can we have the achievement "I told you it was not my fault" now?
    At least we can hope for some fix.
    As soon as patch will be up & ready here in EU I'll try out how this lot of changes work.
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    posted a message on Hitboxes screenshots
    Some discussion is going on in this topic:


    but since that topic was referring to the use of left click mouse button and I don't want to steer the discussion I thought to open this one.

    Some people says "hitboxes" are too big and create issues (I'm one of these complainers), others say they are not so big.

    edit: a very short video:

    I played a bit and took some screenshots (1280x1024 is my screen resolution)

    The first three screenies shows how far on the left, top and right of a ravenous dead the hitbox extend.

    this one above and the one below show you that hitbox is almost the same be the target close or far

    Right and left of an Hungry Corpse

    At last two screenies showing target highlighted even if the mouse icon is NOT in attack mode:

    I dare say they are too big and I'd like to know why it is so, if there is a technical reason or what else.

    Ideas? Opinions?
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    posted a message on Dataminer Unique Monster
    it's an "imprisonment" type

    and here is imprisonment wearing off (it died too quickly)

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    posted a message on Pause?
    I think I'll need a remote control: click! and door opens.
    Maybe a camera to check who it is.
    Should be fine.

    My parents and my bro will soon learn to keep keys in their pockets.
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    posted a message on Beta is too easy? yeah, D2 LoD act 1 normal was soooo difficult...
    Quote from MonkManD3

    Quote from pikke

    Quote from MonkManD3

    Quote from pikke

    I didn't remember it to be so easy.
    And if I had played it nowadays I would fear the game would be too easy and not funny.
    We all know that's not true.
    Do you perhaps mean fun? :D

    Sorry, english is not my own language and fun/funny is something that still troubles me :( .
    If you are willing to explain I'm willing to learn, I'd appreciate it. :)

    Let's start Diablo english course! :xD:
    Whether you were being sarcastic or not I'm gonna explain! :hehe:
    Diablo English 101:
    1) Fun - When you enjoy doin something. ie. I will have a lot of fun when I play D3!
    2) Funny - Humorous, causing laughter. ie. It's funny to see how easily noobs get pwned!

    I'm serious and I appreciate your explanation :)

    I believe videogames have great potential as medium of instruction.
    I know people who never spent a minute on math while at school who spent hours or even days trying to grasp the math behind games or even graphic (something beyond my ken)

    To me each thread, each post, video or interview is good practice as well as info about the game I like the most.
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