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    Quote from Enkeria»

    Base game, and Expansions.

    MTX will make me go broke. Don't like!

    That's your argument? That you can't keep your dick wallet in your pants? Jeez.. It's either MTX or no updates and game slowly dying. With MTX (a steady stream of money is a huge incentive to keep updating the game and add content ie PoE) and updates, a game can only grow and become better and better.

    And btw, this isn't an experiment, Blizz already established it with SCII. Base game that costs money + cosmetic MTX. No problem.

    Moreover, I'll say this, don't go cheap on MTX. Have $5 items, have $20 items, have $100 items. There are people who will buy a $100 hat, like this guy here. Why shouldn't he be allowed to spend money to fund development and make the game better for the ENTIRE community? Let him! Shiet, do $500 too, what the heck!!

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    Who cares? How does that even affect you? Lags are not dependent on level of GR or bots, there is like 1k people playing D3. Bots are not accumulating wealth like in Path of Exile. They do not interact with you in any way. Who joins public games? Seriously? Maybe just ask in chat? They will be higher than you in leaderboards? WHO CARES? There is no prize for your rank. Grinding paragons is not a task for thinking human, it's an insult to human intellect. Are you surprised that people do not want to commit hundreds of hours to empty brain-dead activity? It's not D2 where bots ruin the economy. Man, just deal with it. Give ONE real tangible reason against botting besides TOS. If devs are ok with it there is no reason for you to cry about it.

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    Lon or akkhan, that's irrelevant, they are basically the same thing, damage + defence.. Instead they should make more skills competent, foh, bombardment, avatars, falling sword... Personally I think akkhan should be totally reworked into something different than lon, but still not focused on certain skills. Something in line with permanently empowered laws, cooldown decreased on crits, increased damage based on block chance and amount, etc. Oh, and ac runes are still not fixed, prophet should be merged with base skill and there should be new rune, hastefull is too weak to even bother, rally is a joke and fire starter is pathetic. I get that some skills can be bad but there is damn 6pc set based on that skill. It shouldn't be like that.

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    Wow, that's bald move. Good job blizz, NOW GET EM!

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    Naked Man's Loincloth, pants: Increases damage by 1500% for every piece of garment you are missing. Maximum amount of damage you can take in one hit is equal to 5% of your maximum health multipilied by numer of items you have equipped. THIS IS SPARTA!!!

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    Crushing Strength, gloves: When your resources are below 10% your attack speed is halved and your spenders deal 5000% increased damage but take away 1 point of endurance from your weapon. Doesn't work with indestructible weapons.

    Naked Man's Loincloth, pants: Increases damage by 1500% for every piece of garment you are missing. xD JK lol Kappa

    Blind Man's Luck, chest: Increases your magic find by.. or not, that would be boring. Gives you 100% dodge chance for 10 s after picking up golden globe thingy.

    Long Necked Man's Turban, headpiece: Allows you to use 2 amulets, only one can be hellfire you greedy prick.

    Spines of Discord, DH shoulders: All enemies within 20 yards of one that is Marked for Death are taunted to attack him for 5 seconds.

    Tar Sack, DH quiver: Your grenades now stick to enimes instead of exploding immidiately or after delay and can be detonated by Bolas explosion. Every grenade sticked to enemy increases total damage from detonation by 5%. Number of stacks is shown over heads of monsters.

    (Example: 20 grenades for 100% damage would deal 2000% but with this quiver it is 2000%*20*5% = 4000%, 100 grenades for 100% would be astonishing 10000%*100*5 = 5 000 000% instead of normal 10 000%).

    This item would be extremely rewarding and require great deal of skill because for optimal efficiency you would have to know exactly how many grenades you have to stack in order to kill every type of enemy. Probably my greatest idea ever.

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    So lets assume it is like 10%.. Thats 100% with one jekang hit, hehe. Although if they would remove word "enemy" from second power it would be explicitly more orgasmic.

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    posted a message on Will these new 2.4 changes bring you back to play Diablo once more?

    6pc out the window, man, the dream has come true!

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    posted a message on Against endless Paragon Level.

    In d3v many people were crying that after cap they don't get the feeling that they earn anything for their time invested and that was main reason people were quitting.

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    DH item: Chakram deals 2000% increased damage to enemies within 20 yards.

    DH item: Spike Trap can be detonated with Grenade to deal 5000% increased damage.

    DH item: Every shot of Strafe bounces 10 times.

    DH item: Multishot deals 1000% increased damage to enemies within 12 yards.

    DH item: Cluster Arrow - Cluster Bombs now drops Spike Traps instead of grenades.

    DH item: Sticky bomb explosion can be triggered by Impale hit, if done so it deals damage that would be done with Impale.

    DH item: When Vengeance is active Rain of Vengeance deals 500% increased damage OR When Vengeance is active you deal 1000% increased damage to enemies Marked for Death.

    DH skill redesign: Vengeance drains 1 discipline per second upon activation and ends when you have no more discipline. Cooldown removed. Might block discipline regen for the duration, or might not if this would be tied to set or item.

    DH passive skill redesign: Brooding now turns you invisible for 2 s when you stop moving, can occur once per 10s.

    DH passive skill redesign: Sharpshooter -> Momentum - increases your resource regeneration rate by 25% every second and resets when you use any resource.

    WD item: Gargs now throw rocks with increased damage.

    WD item: Soul harvest can harvest souls of your pets, turning them into zealots with 100% increased attack speed and damage but taking bonus 50% damage.

    WD item: Zombie Charger - Explosive Beast no longer creates exploding projectile but Zombie Dog that survives explosion.

    WD item/part of set bonus: Removes mana costs of spells and now every 10 mana = 0,5% of your maximum health. Your damage is increased by % equal to your maxium mana + % of your mana mimics % of your health.

    Barb item: Leap now costs 20 fury and doesn't have cooldown.

    Barb item: Increases the potency of Sword and Board passive to generate 100% of your fury on block and increases damage of next spender by 500%.

    Barb item: Strength increase from Rampage now stacks up to 100 times and lasts fo 32 seconds.

    Barb item: Brawler passive no longer has limit of enemies that increase your damage and range is now affected by your pick up radius.

    Barb item: Animosity now prevent fury gain from attacks but increases you maximum fury by 250.

    Barb item: Overpower is now cast on every critical hit.

    Barb item: Removes limit on Frenzy stacks.

    Barb item: Weapon Throw gains effects of Ricochet rune and has its bounce limit extended to 25 and every bounce increases damage of the next one by 100%.

    Barb item: Avalanche deals 500% increased damage to enemies hit with Ancient Spear.

    Barb passive redesign: Earthen Might - increases damage of Earthquake and Avanache by 500% if their aoe is overlapping each other.

    Wizz item: Arcane Orb can be detonated with hit of Spectral Blades, if done so orb deals 5000% increased damage with 200% increased explosion radius. (Use of teleport is required to catch up with the orb).

    Wizz item: Ray of Frost deals 1000% increased damage to enemies affected by Ice Armor/Blizzard.

    Wizz item: Magic Weapon increases damage of Spectral Blades by 5000%.

    Wizz item: Meteor deals 1000% increased damage to enemies affected by Black Hole.

    Wizz item: Blizzard stacks.

    Wizz item: Ice Armor - Frozen Storm/Chilling Aura increases damage dealt by cold spells by 400% for every stack of Blizzard affecting enimies.

    Crus item: Cooldown of Bombardment is decreased by 2s for every avatar active. Avatars deals 500% increased damage to enemies hit with bombardment.

    Crus item: Smite taunts enemies for 5 s and reduces their damage by 95%.

    Crus item: Blessed Hammer gains effects of Limitless rune and its activation limit is increased to 5.

    Crus item: Justice deals damage equal to combined damage of every Blessed Hammer that is summoned at the time. (I'M SO PROUD OF THIS ONE)

    Crus item: Your avatars can be detonated with Heaven's Fury to increase your critical hit chance by 10% for 10s.

    Crus item: Effects of Judgment now apply to every enemy around you at all times.

    Crus passive redesign: Hold your ground (optional - increases your block chance by 50% and) removes block cap while standing still.

    Monk item: Increases your damage by 5% for every dodge within last 10 seconds.

    Monk item: Casts serenity if you dodge 10(5? 15?) attacks in a row.

    Monk item: Epiphany is not expiring as long as you are inside Inner Sanctuary.

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