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    posted a message on Group T6 Timed Runs - 7 Billion XP/Hr (Video)
    Do do t6 fast you need: speedsader, speedbarb, speedmonk + there is no other speed class i guess? Then another speedsader to chain 50% ms law with first.
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    posted a message on Insane Speed Doctor build for key warden and bounty farm
    Nice for ppl who play only wd, but speedsader and dh are way faster.
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    posted a message on Are Boulder builds dead?
    Dead? Were they "alive" at any point? :D
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    posted a message on Cut my Demon Hunter off to short.
    It starts with u and ends with nity.
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    posted a message on Are you okay with the changes in the price / value of the equipment sold by Kadala in the recent update?
    Quote from yuhanz

    Quote from krathoz

    Spended 2500 shards so far, not a single legendary.

    impossible...or really bad end of RNG.

    just in my first 500 there's like 6
    Its CLOSE to impossible. Actually there is 0.0027% chance for not getting single leg after spending 2500 shards. Nuff to say that its 100 times less likely to happen than next leg gloves becoming taskers. Lol.

    To douches above: you get more mats from rg so it stays the same. Chances for getting tnt from kadala are 1/3 higher. I hope I helped with your mental disability that doesnt allow you to read patch notes.
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    posted a message on Boring firebird !!!
    To make tals they need to redue cd from 8s to 1s. Or 0,5s. To make vyrs viable they need to shift 4pc bonus to 3pc bonus and 4pc should make archon lasts forever + archon need overhaul of all his skills + major damage buff. Meteor luring staff needs to affect elites and champs. Grand vizier needs 100% meteor dmg buff and reduce cost of meteor to 0 arcane to be any competition vs furnance. Woh should make 10 additional explosions not 3 as its 1h and 1h are no longer optimal. Trumvirate needs to have at least 50% buff to all elements current one is joke. Also I would appreciate some buffs to melee wiz and new 2h spectral blade oriented weapon + reactivate depth diggers bonus for wizz and wd. Increase heal from simplicity strength to 5% life. Buff arcane change twister random movement to something normal + make it suck enemies. Remove animation of wave of force its retarded. Serpent sparker bonus hydras from 1 to 3 or 4 at least - 2 hydras still are shit compared to 1 furnance hydra. Oculus is retaded version of illusionist passive fix it. With gesture of opheus slow time should stop time. Blizzard is shit boring skill dont buff that but it should at least stack damage. Remove cd of molten impact with some bracers or belt. Add something that will make mirror images last forever for pet lovers but is boring as shit so i dont care. Buff desintegrate 4-5 times. My idea is that every enemy hit also creates another beam of power that hits other nearest to him enemy. Add weapon that works well with light of grace ray of frost buffing source. Add bracers and belts that buff "armor" skills. Add item that makes death blossom missles seek for enemies. Redesign power hungry to allow to cast 10 free spells for every health orb. Buff glass cannon to 30% maybe someone will use it. Prodigy 5->10 arcane power. Galvanizing ward 5s->1s. Dominance? Wtf is this shit. Killing enemy? Make it create shield on hit. Arcane dynamo 60%->100%. Or 200%. Unwavering -> double bonuses. Ep 5%->25%.

    Tl;dr - buffs that will never be implemented or even considered but would make wizz enjoyable^
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Rant
    "Two years later, we're still having conservations about why 2h weapons need more work."

    I remember when every single one of my chars were running with skorn, what the hell is wrong with you?
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    posted a message on The male Monk's beard



    Remember monk is not only based on shaolin but also on russian culture. Considering that such a beard fits PERFECTLY.

    buismor: why you even use original look of the ugliest helmet in entire game? Inis dye or transmog thats the way to go here.

    BillyMancer: Google image "russian monk". Who is imposter now? In case you have any doubts about this whole russian stuff.
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