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    They are done with this game, I like your idea though!

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    posted a message on Any News for Diablo 3........Ever?

    Don't be a tool. There is a blue post tracker. If there is news on diablo by blizzard its hear too.

    Go Troll someplace else if you have nothing better to do. I hear WoW chat misses you go there.

    There is more information on this site about diablo 3 then blizzard would or ever could do.

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    Quote from fubaro1»

    Blizzard's banwaves are clearly not enough.

    These cheaters, not just in D3, but in alot of other games need to be dealt with more harshly. It should also carry fines not to exceed 10,000 dollars and 10 years in prison. These vermin scumbags should be held in the same regard as pedophiles. That way, the prison inmates will rape and torture them, scarring them emotionally for life. Once released from prison, they'll become social outcasts, unable to get a job and become poor. They then can live in skid row in a cardboard box. Dogs will come by and pee on them. They will smell and become whinos and beg food at the homeless shelters.

    All of this could of been prevented if they just would of read the D3 ToS and abided by it and not have cheated. They never prosper.

    You clearing spend too much time playing games lol
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    Do we really more classes? I vote for alot more content over new classes.

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