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    posted a message on TalRashaVyr to straight up Vyr changes

    I think vyrs is fine, dont see the reason for Blizzard tho.

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    posted a message on Levelling test at 3pm CET today! - EU servers
    Quote from Mithril13337»

    How did your test go? How fast are you able to lvl from 1-70? :)

    We only did the early testing actually, done some 2-3 player on the ptr without CR cache around 3 hours. (2h 20-30m projected 4 player speed)
    Tested some bounties early, some cube, and rifts.
    Not too big of a difference really, a few key pointers tho
    - Dont go for leorics crown early, the time spent isnt worth it.
    Go for the cube before lvl 10 since u wanna cube an item you have gambled with ur CR cache.
    Consider which classes you bring, and make sure not to select too many support skills while levelling, as dealing dmg to a variety of targets is important.
    - Starting with magda/Kulle on master still seems like the way to go.
    Some of this is likely already mentioned elsewhere, and is IMO all correct. Open to other opinions as always.

    We have 1 completely diablo noob in my grp this season, im expecting levelling to be around 2hours 10m with average rng. on rolls and legendaries.
    2xWiz, barb, monk setup for anyone wondering #FckTheMeta

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    posted a message on Levelling test at 3pm CET today! - EU servers

    Hi all

    Doing levelling testing today, still one slot open.

    Hit me up at dreamhax#2581
    Discord is prefered not required, class doesnt matter, we are testing either 1-40/50 or 1-70 depending on what the group wants.

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    posted a message on S12 HC Thusday-sunday tryharding - Looking for last member!

    Hi all

    This is only relevant if you play season 12 HC on EU

    We are three danish mates looking for a fourth, preferably danish aswell.

    We will be using discord for voicecom.
    We will be playing 16h+ a day the first 4 days. Slowing down after that due to real life commitments, having friday off is a requirement.

    We expect you to be well known within your desired class. (preferably 1k hours+, not a requirement though)
    We expect you to follow democracy of the group, everyone gets a say but we are a group after all, and we might disagree on some things. Usually handled with majority rules.
    We would like you to play either ranged dps or sup monk.

    Our current setup
    Barb(sup), necro(dmg), flex (wiz/monk), you.

    Hi me up here or at Dreamhax#2581 for additional defails.

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    posted a message on [S10] LF last spot Barb/wiz pref

    As title describes

    Pref a danish player but others will do aswell

    abit about us

    3 danish irl mates looking to push the leaderboards. Previous seasons HC now switched to SC to get more competition and less rng (hopefully)

    2 of us reached top 20 last season on the hc leaderboard early in the season.

    Age 18-24

    1-3k hours played in d3
    Played every single season except s5

    Expected playtime around 35 hrs from launch to sunday night.

    Current comp is monk, wd, wiz, you

    Hit me up here or on my btag Dreamhax#2581

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    posted a message on The influence of Greater Rift changes on the 4 man meta.

    Hello All

    Sadly i do not have the time to go into all the details, but simplified:

    All greater rifts will, in terms of density, become more equal.

    There is no more 1 level grifts with insane dens.

    Most grifts have between 2 and 4 levels depending on size.

    Mobs are more spread out throughout the grift.

    Wudijo made a great video on this topic check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4RBnjZEl0I

    How do you guys think this will impact the 4 man meta?

    If this means that all classes that previously excelled at killing trash now have lower priority, this could result in a complete revamp of the meta. A change towards more mobility and more focus on killing elites?

    What is your take on this, if you agree with the above statement, which classes do you foresee peaking in the new season?

    Thanks for reading, please leave a comment with your opinion.

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    posted a message on S4 HC - Behind on paragons? Look no futher 500 paragon in just over 1 day.

    Hey there everyone

    So i started like most other people on sc, but after reaching 600+ paragon farming xp got rather dull and i decided to challenge my self to fast xp farming on hardcore mode.

    500 paragon felt doable with some dedication and help from mates it took me 26 hours and 31 minutes to reach this goal!

    Our setup changed over the course of this experiment most of the time it was 50-55 grs with xp wd xp monk and dps monk + random dps (wd/barb)

    build used

    Footage is on my stream but i dont know if its ok to link it here anw remove if its not allowed

    I dont like this paragon meta but i guess since blizzard didnt fix it now they wont later either.

    TL;DR +xp on items is OP and double leech HC is insane (assuming this is the same on sc

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    posted a message on Searching for two levelling and gearing buddies s4

    Sorry its Eu, i have made an edit aswell to let future people know.

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    posted a message on Searching for two levelling and gearing buddies s4

    Hello everyone

    Edit: EU only! Sorry for the confusion!

    Since S4 is getting closer, me and my friend figured we would plan abit ahead ,and find two others (preferably two who already are friends) to play with on lauch.

    For past experience i'd say im rather experienced my self, have played since vanilla around 5k hours in total on and off. Both HC and SC mostly Supporting classes. My friend is less experienced but he likes the game so with my help he should be fine. We played on the ptr for a couple hundred hours to test which classes we enjoy.

    He will be playing DH and i'm not quite sure yet, Will be a melee or a wd.

    Our requirements:

    - Voice com and obviously decent english (skype or ts)

    - Mature 20+ (we are 22yo both of us)

    - Able to play alot the first 3 days atleast, We will be playing 30+ hours the first weekend.

    - A good sense of humor. Although we want to achieve progression and are dedicated to the game we also like to have fun and enjoy our selves.

    - Good knowledge of d3 basics and the ability to follow advice.

    Any questions feel free to post below, else just add Dreamhax#2581 and we can have a chat :)

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