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    Luckily I play in EU and we get these bugs 1 day later .)

    They probably have locked some accounts that have exploited the bug a lot so they cannot sell the gold elsewhere..
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    I like the fact that rares are once again the top items. This was the case in D2 before LOD.. only a few uniques were really good (soj, tarn helm, iceblink...) for certain purpouses but you could always replace them with an excellent rare.

    Super good uniques(legendaries) are not very interesting, everyone will end up with same set of items because they are the best and they have the same stats (Arreats helm on every barb etc).

    It is always a thrill to identify a rare, not very much interesting to identify a Legendary with fixed stats because you already know whats it gonna be.

    It is true that Legendaries like the Bow explained above should have dex and vita on them.. Maybe even fixed stats. You would know that thats the weapon I'm gonna get at lvl X. But still a rare should be better since it would be harder to roll the right item with right stats anyways.
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    Quote from "Romak" »
    It just occurred to me that they might as well make new classes related to other weapons that were never used before by specific class. For example (From Diablo 2): Scythes, Spears (not javalins), Knives, flails...
    What? I had many scythe and lance barbs, though barbs use all kinds of weapons..
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    Quote from "Ferret" »
    I don't see the reason why there is anything to discuss about this, although maybe you guys can enlighten me.

    When I open a multiplayer game, I expect people with the same goals in mind to be the ones to join my game so we can do those things together. You have no business in my game room if you're not doing what I had in mind in the first place; either I'll leave or you will. The Auto party doesn't change any of that, it just removes the need to invite people to play multiplayer. If you really want to do something else, just open your own room. If you want to do stuff alone constantley, you have that option in Single player mode. Is that really so hard to understand?
    In D2 most of the time I join questing games to get exp alone. If I kill the monsters as fast as in party, why do I take a party to share the exp? 8 player game as solo == nice exp and it is also nice to see what my character is cabable of.

    And why can't I join any room and do whatever I want in there? There are no rules that if the game name is "help me" that I need to help you, if you don't want other people to join to the game and do whatever they like you need to be the one to make private games. I find it funny in Battle.net when people tell me to leave game if I don't party.. But this stuff only happens in softcore since people are weird there, in HC everyone is used that people like to solo, since trusting anyone is foolish there especially in these tppk days.

    Opening my own room doesn't give me extra EXP points. Single player don't give me extra EXP and also it doesn't have ladder/trading or the occasional co-op with friends.
    How Blizzard tackles the other things like equal levels or PvP is still a mistery to me, but think about this seriously for a second. Do you really believe Blizzard won't give you control over what level characters play with you? At the very least, Blizzard will do that themselves by controlling which games you see according to similar levels. If they do that then they have also just done away with rushing ;)
    Yeah I'd like to see a way to prevent rushing.

    Anyways Forcing party and not able to leave it or hostile the other player.. if some bugger wants to chase me even when I tell him not to, I have no other choise but to do private games or something. I bet I'm not the only one that has to do this.

    Well, all this soloing is the result of all friends quitting D2 somewhere when LOD had been around 1 year. Maybe things are different when D3 comes and many of the old friends returning. Perhaps I won't do anything else but party with them. But with strangers I probably won't do that so much. Don't know how it works I'm in party but doing my own things :)
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    Leave out the damn dances.. who the feck wants to dance and be happy when demosn are all around you?

    You could have /sharpen the character starts to sharp their weapons
    /meditate caster class starts to meditate
    /pray character would kneel and pray for help against demons
    /wipe character would wipe his weapons clean from blood
    Something realistic that could would fit to diablo.

    Some of these could be the afk animations too.. when you are long enough afk characer would start to meditate or sharpen blade.
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